American69’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ NA

Anyone else want to come. I’m still open

Closing in 30 minutes

20 more minutes

Hi, Yemeni 1998 here! Here’s my feedback:

  • There was no need to instruct to extend downwind as there was no traffic.
  • No need to specify right / left traffic when getting clearance for the option, as you already specified when I took off unless I requested for runway change.
  • When I requested for a runway change from 32R to 32L, the pattern instruction was supposed to be left downwind instead of left base.

I think that’s all, good job on other instructions and hope to see you again!

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Thanks man

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I’m closed thanks!

When u open again?

Probably around 2000z

Its too early at 3am. Sorry i can’t

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That’s fine

@RyMan @SierraHotel I’ll be open for about 30 minutes at EGKK

All right I’ll be there!

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I got to go but I will definitely be on this afternoon.

Probably from about 4 to 5 eastern time

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All right sounds good!

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Owh i just realized that u closed

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Sorry man next time I will be open longer

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@SierraHotel @RyMan i’m open at EGKK. Will be open for at least an hour. After that I will close if there is no traffic. Feel free to spawn in if you please

Anyone want to swing by still open

Im in a british air 757-200!

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