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Welcome to American Virtual, where we strive to keep the perfect balance between a professional and family like environment. No matter what aspect of Infinite Flight you will see us on, whether it be the community, our slack or in flight, this aspect of professionalism will carry over. We offer one of the most expansive route databases in the virtual airline community, and with our diverse fleet of 11 aircraft, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy your experiences with us!

Our mission is simple, to provide pilots with the best possible virtual airline experience. We constantly endeavor to make this experience one of a kind and enjoyable. We offer many things to help make your time at American Virtual great. To mention a few, our one of a kind rewards system, unique achievable rewards, codeshare routes and more.

Our Staff team consists of some of the most skilled and well-experienced members on the IFC. They are here to answer any questions you could possibly have and make your experience at American Virtual better than any other.

Executive Leadership

Dylan Bright | President
Dylan Totten | Deputy President

Second Tier Leadership

Mauricio Lucero | Head of Marketing
TaJay White | Pilot Manager
Kai Malcolm | Head of Technology
Liam Kirk | Events Manager
Chris Leach | Events Manager

As said above, American Virtual has plenty to offer. Below is a list of just some of the benefits that are in place to make your time here great.


Instead of the usual Crew Center, we offer AirTable which makes it much easier for pilots to file flights. Click the link below to check it out!


Click to visit!

A Crew Center in the Making

American Virtual currently uses Airtable for their flight operations. However, we are proud to announce that there is a crew center in the making, which will increase organization and ease for pilots.


American Virtual offers 11 aircraft for you to fly under the American livery. Listed below is our fleet, along with our 8 ranks.

New Hire / 0:00-7:59 Hours
• CRJ200
• CRJ700
• CRJ900

First Officer / 8:00-19:59 Hours
• A320
• B737-800

Senior First Officer / 20:00-39:59 Hours
• A321

Captain / 40:00-74:59 Hours
• B757-200

Senior Captain / 75:00-119:00 Hours
• B767-300

Commander / 120:00-199:59 Hours
• B777-200
• B777-300
• MD-11

Senior Commander / 200:00+ Hours
• B787-900


The American Virtual Advantage rewards program (AAVAdvantage) is based on the number of miles you fly. Every time you complete a flight you will record the amount of miles flown in your PIREP, and that distance will then be put in an AirTable base where you can find your total miles.

Status levels, their requirements and the perks associated with each level are listed below.

Gold Status - 5,000 Miles Flown
1.5x miles on flights under 500 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week

Platinum Status - 20,000 Miles Flown
1.25x miles on flights under 1000 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Platinum Pro Status - 50,000 Miles Flown
1.20x miles on flights under 1500 miles
2 out of hub flights permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week
1 featured charter flight permitted per week

Executive Platinum Status - 100,000 Miles Flown
1.15x miles on all flights
No hub restrictions
No rank restrictions
Can fly all weekly featured charter flights

Concierge Key - Must be earned when pilot goes beyond the above average
Awarded the Concierge Key reward
Public recognition on Slack
Personalized Slack status to put next to slack name


American Virtual hosts around 5 events each month. 4 are internal and 1 is for the public, and will be posted on the IFC. Those events exclude weekly flash flights and celebration/holiday flights.


Just because we are based in America doesn’t stop us from having flights around the globe! American Virtual currently has codeshares with the following Virtual Airlines:

  • image British Airways Virtual Airlines // BAVA IFC Thread
  • image Alaska Virtual Airlines // ASVA IFC Thread
  • image Air Canada Virtual Airlines // ACVA IFC Thread
    The benefits mentioned above are just some of the things that we offer. To get the complete experience and see what this airline offers, apply now!

Along with those partners, we also are in the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. For more information on that, refer to the below section.


Founded in 2018, Oneworld Virtual has always strived for excellence. All of the member VA’s are based around the world, allowing our pilots to truly explore the globe. With airlines being based from North America to Australia, our alliance is truly bringing the world together. We offer codeshares from each VA in the alliance, allowing our pilots to truly fly around the world. For more information on the thread, please visit our thread below.

Oneworld Virtual Thread


Our website, coded by @ShadowOutlaw, helps create a more professional environment for our pilots. You can find all information on our VA there, along with routes and our fleet. Our website is below:

Click Here!

Concierge Keys are given to those who go above and beyond in our airline while showing an immense passion for American Virtual. They are the most dedicated pilots in our airline and are listed below.

Concierge Key Recipients

TaJay White: @Tajay
Dylan Totten: @Dylan_T
Jefferey Ruiz: @Jeffrey1o2
Ryan Poteet: @Ryan_Poteet

American Virtual offers a total of ten hubs located all over the United States. Our hubs are listed below by region, along with a description of what you can expect at each hub.


John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

Located in the heart and soul of America, JFK airport provides beautiful views with destinations all over the USA and to Europe. Whether you are departing or arriving, you will see the beautiful city that we like to call the Big Apple.

LaGuardia Airport (KLGA)

Just a little over 10 miles from JFK, LaGuardia offers great regional routes around the east coast and the midwest.

Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)

Not too far from JFK, Philadelphia International provides plenty of regional routes mixed with medium haul, and some beautiful streams and rivers that will make you want to fly here more often.


Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)

Charlotte Douglas Airport is AA’s second-busiest hub. If you choose CLT, you will find plenty of routes ranging from regional to long haul, as well as some great scenery of North Carolinian plains.

Miami International Airport (KMIA)

Miami International provides some of the best scenery in the US. With some of the most stunning beaches and clear blue waters, MIA will not disappoint. Offering all types of routes, you will never get bored of Miami.


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW)

Dallas Fort Worth is American Virtuals main hub. With over 800 departures a day with AA alone, you will find many routes if you decide to base here.

Chicago O' Hare International Airport (KORD)

Chicago O’ Hare airport is the third busiest AAV hub. Since it is in the midwest, it provides our pilot’s flights all over America and plenty of international flights you are sure to love.

West Coast

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX)

Located in Arizona, Phoenix Sky Harbor offers amazing deserts and gorgeous mountains. Mostly a regional airport, PHX is a great place to start your AAVA career.

Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)

Los Angeles International is the gateway to the Pacific, and is home to all of our transcontinental routes as well as our long hauls that go to places such as Japan, China and more!

Mid Atlantic

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA)

Based in Virginia, DCA has the perfect balance between regional and medium haul routes. Showing off its gracious plains, flying in or out of DCA will amaze you.


Thank you for viewing our thread! If you have any inquiries, please feel free to message a staff member and they will get back to you in a timely fashion. We hope to see you in the airline, and if not, in the Infinite Flight skies!

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Wow! This makes me very proud to be apart of this Virtual Airline!


Looking good American Virtual!


I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to lead this VA, but it wouldn’t be what it is without our pilots and staff. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped out with the VA, whether it be big or small, and every pilot that has joined, whether they are still part of the VA or not. It’s crazily fun so far, and I can’t wait for the future to come.


It’s great to be a part of this VA. I joined in November and since then I have met a lot of stellar friends which exceptionally work ethics and personalities. I’m truly excited for the future. Let’s go for great!


I love American VA but sadly I’m aready apart of a VA but good job AMERICAN VA


Very neat thread. Good luck to American Virtual. That website is stunning.


Looking good AAVA 😎✈️


Amazing website AAVA!

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Farewell, farewell.

It is with great regret that we must inform you that @Vdennis1 is leaving the AAVA Staff team. Ever since he joined the team, we knew he would be the perfect fit for the job. He always worked well and got things done quickly, efficiently, and even helped add some major features to the VA. Vincent was always ready to help, and stuck with us through the hard and great times we had. We will miss him, and it’s been amazing working with you Vincent. We wish you good luck with your future and goals. 🥂


Hey please may I join

Hello! Please apply at the top of our thread or on our website. Thanks!


@AmericanVirtual just sent in completed application.


@AmericanVirtual i’ve just sent an application :)

I’ve sent an application… no one answered

Hey man,
Your application was answered. In fact I was the one who answered it. Please check your dms.



Welcome aboard, Kai!

We are now welcoming a brand new Tech Manager onto our Staff team! Drum roll, please…
@Velocity23! After extensive review over his application and previous work, we knew he was the absolute perfect fit for this position. We know that he will help make the VA even stronger then it already is, and throw out some beautiful graphics and crew center work for us. Welcome aboard!


A Huge Change

All good things must come to an end, I suppose. I will be leaving my position as President of American Virtual tonight, at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please read the below document, as it explains why I am leaving. Thank you all, and it has been an absolute pleasure!

With this change though, we will be having a change in our Staff structure. Congratulations to @Dylan_Bright, who will be taking over the Presidency role, and @Dylan_T, who will be taking the Deputy President role. I know they will bring the VA to even higher levels.

On an ending note, thank you to everyone who has helped support the VA and continue to do so. I know that @Dylan_Bright and @Dylan_T will astonish you all with what they do. Cheers! 🥂


In line with real-world American Airlines operations, American Virtual is proud to resume our seasonal service to the stunning Greek city of Athens! In addition to being a popular tourist destination in itself, Athens also links the many beautiful islands of the Greek archipelago. Filled with amazing views and fascinating history, Athens is a destination that you won’t want to miss! Fly there with American Virtual!

Flights to Athens
AAL758 // Philadelphia-Athens // KPHL-LGAV
AAL160 // Chicago-Athens // KORD-LGAV


I applied, do I will receive an answer by email or through here?