American Virtual’s One Year Anniversary @ KDFW - 232200ZNOV19

No problem! That would have been my second choice. I look forward to it!

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A37 to klax. 738 A634fs


Gate: A19
Aircraft: A321
Destination: Orlando, FL (KMCO)

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Can i change the flight to KSJC and not KSFO? BAVA360


Could I have a gate please? Destination CYVR B737-800 BAVA161

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Congratulations on 1 year @AmericanVirtual 🍾

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Thanks for signing up, @Gavin_cx! Enjoy the flight to LAX! -CL

The gate is yours, @Heyitxryan! Enjoy Orlando! -CL

Changing that for you right now, Ramzi! -CL

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Of course you can , @felixcat! Signing you up now, see you there! -CL

Thanks for the congratulatory, Luke! Can I interest you in a Terminal A or B gate? -CL

Sadly not, it’s at 2AM. Mabey next time 👊

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Any gates available for QFA8 // KDFW-YSSY // A388

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any heavy gates remaining. If any open up, you will be the first recipient of the gate. Can I interest you in a Terminal A or B gate, @anon39682098? -CL

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Gate A23 Terminal A Please. KDFW-KGEG // A320 // Thank you. AAVA1331

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               1 Week To Go!

Hello, Everyone!

With one week until our Dallas Fort-Worth Fly-Out, make sure you grab a gate to join the fun. For even more festivities, join American Virtual to participate in our internal anniversary events. There will be a multitude of fun activities that you won’t want to miss. See you there!

Chris Leach, Head Events Manager, American Virtual

Infinite Flight Community | Email | Website | Instagram | OneWorld Virtual Alliance

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I would like a gate anywhere! *AAVA26

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Sounds good, @Connor_Long . Thanks for signing up and see you there! -CL

Gate A34, KDFW - PHNL BAVA147, B789

Can I get a gate going to CLT for 701? Thanks!