American Virtual’s One Year Anniversary @ KDFW - 232200ZNOV19

Thanks for the congratulatory, Luke! Can I interest you in a Terminal A or B gate? -CL

Sadly not, it’s at 2AM. Mabey next time 👊

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Any gates available for QFA8 // KDFW-YSSY // A388

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any heavy gates remaining. If any open up, you will be the first recipient of the gate. Can I interest you in a Terminal A or B gate, @anon39682098? -CL

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Gate A23 Terminal A Please. KDFW-KGEG // A320 // Thank you. AAVA1331

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               1 Week To Go!

Hello, Everyone!

With one week until our Dallas Fort-Worth Fly-Out, make sure you grab a gate to join the fun. For even more festivities, join American Virtual to participate in our internal anniversary events. There will be a multitude of fun activities that you won’t want to miss. See you there!

Chris Leach, Head Events Manager, American Virtual

Infinite Flight Community | Email | Website | Instagram | OneWorld Virtual Alliance

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I would like a gate anywhere! *AAVA26

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Sounds good, @Connor_Long . Thanks for signing up and see you there! -CL

Gate A34, KDFW - PHNL BAVA147, B789

Can I get a gate going to CLT for 701? Thanks!

Noah, sadly there’s no remaining heavy gates. Can I interest you in a Terminal A or B gate? -CL

Sure can do! See you there @THeissbeastin! -CL

Would it be possible to get a 787 gate to San Francisco? If there aren’t any, then I’ll take a 738 to San Jose! Thanks and congratulations!

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AA took the 787 off the DFW-SFO route :(


Heavy gates are all taken, @GlobalFlyer1.🙁Placing you down for San Jose in a B738. Check terminal A for your gate assignment. Thanks for signing up and see you there! -CL

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Image credit: DFW Instagram

Event IFATC Coverage

We are excited to announce that this event will feature ATC coverage, provided by the wonderful IFATC team! Certain AA hub airports will also have ATC, an added bonus for those of you flying from DFW to another AA hub! This means that the event procedures will be under the control of ATC. Ghosting will be enforced, so we ask that all pilots are on their best behavior. The airport will be very busy, so we recommend you pack extra fuel in case of long taxi times. If an outsider pilot spawns into your assigned gate, please wait for them to pushback/leave before spawning in, and do not take a different gate. A PM will be sent to all event participants before the event, any questions can be asked there. This is shaping up to be an awesome event, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Ah I see that infinite flight won’t allow a 787 in that gate. I had assumed it would be fine as that gate was used IRL yesterday for a 777. Unfortunately due to my time zone I can only do long-haul so I won’t be able to attend 😕

Hey! Could I have any Terminal 3 BAVA reserved gate to KMSY in an A320? My callsign will be BAVA330. Thanks and happy first anniversary!

@BraddersP70 an international gate was just given up! As you were the first pilot to be denied an international gate, would you be interested in claiming that gate?

Fixed. I must’ve been confused.