American Virtual’s One Year Anniversary @ KDFW - 232200ZNOV19

American Virtual Presents: One Year Anniversary Celebration Week!

American Virtual, founded in 2017 by @Bobby and @Chris_Hoover, quickly became an important part of the virtual airline community, as they accepted 150 pilots in the span of a week. Despite the airline thriving for a few months, the staff decided to close the doors of American Virtual and perform a complete revamp. This was a great decision for the airline as a month later, the doors reopened and the airline began to soar once again. In October of 2018, Chris Hoover along with the staff made the ultimate decision to close the airline for good to allow someone who had brighter and better ideas for American Virtual. In November of the same year, American Virtual was reopened by @VAnuj and had blossomed into a better airline with a stunning future. In May of 2019, Anuj resigned from his post as President and passed the torch to @Dylan_Bright who, at the time, served as the Deputy President and an IFVARB Board Member making him the prime candidate for the position. Dylan is the current President and has helped the VA achieve its maximum potential.


Our events team will be hosting a multitude of events in this week. Most of these events will be internal with one being hosted here, on the Infinite Flight Community. The internal events will each have an AAVA theme. The details for the external event are below. Join to find out more!


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport- KDFW

Constructed in 1974, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area in Texas. Also known as DFW, it’s the largest hub for American Airlines serving more than 500,000 passengers daily and over 200 million annually.

Nearly 30% of our pilots call Dallas home and the airport is responsible for roughly 40% of all flights logged.

Server? Expert Server
When? 2019-11-23T22:00:00Z

IFATC Coverage

We are excited to announce that this event will feature ATC coverage, provided by the wonderful IFATC team! Certain AA hub airports will also have ATC, an added bonus for those of you flying from DFW to another AA hub! This means that the event procedures will be under the control of ATC. Ghosting will be enforced, so we ask that all pilots are on their best behavior. The airport will be very busy, so we recommend you pack extra fuel in case of long taxi times. If an outsider pilot spawns into your assigned gate, please wait for them to pushback/leave before spawning in, and do not take a different gate. A PM will be sent to all event participants before the event, any questions can be asked there.

American Virtual offers one of the most diverse and colossal routes network in the virtual airline community. This allows our pilots to enjoy a number of eye catching routes, including seasonal ones!


You’re free to choose any American Airlines route so long as said route departs from Dallas–Fort Worth. Choose wisely and enjoy! Please keep in mind that DFW has a limited number of heavy gates.


American Airlines Terminal A
Gate Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
A39: AAVA913 KORD A321 @Benny_132
A38: AA701 KCLT B738 @THeissbeastin
A37: AA634 KLAX B738 @Gavin_cx
A36: AA352 KSJC B738 @GlobalFlyer1
A35: AAVA26 SPJC B757 @Connor_Long
A34: AAVA6 KPDX B738 @ShadowOutlaw
A33: AAVA7 KORD A321 @mkwiecek
A25: AA096 PANC A321 @Alaska096
A24: AAVA2106 KLAX B789 @Steve_Garcia
A23: AAVA1331 KSEA B738 @PDall
A22: AAVA4 BIKF B757 @CollinFlys
A20: AAVA0022 BIKF B757 @Laurent_Wellman
A19: AAVA1094 KMCO A321 @Heyitxryan
A18: AAVA419 KJFK A321 @EpicNYC04
American Eagle Gates Terminal B
Gate Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
B49: Reserved for BAVA
B48: Reserved for BAVA
B47: Reserved for BAVA
B46: Reserved for BAVA
B46: Reserved for ASVA
B45: Reserved for ASVA
B44: Reserved for ASVA
B43: Reserved for ASVA
B42: ZRC Heavy KCRP E175 @zooroo_fpv
B41: Reserved for QVG
B40: Reserved for QVG
B39: Reserved for QVG
B01: QFA12 KBIL CRJ7 @QFA_12
B02: AAVA10 KSAF CRJ7 @Jeffrey1o2
B03: AA327 KIAH CRJ7 @Thunderbolt35
B18: AAVA1006 KSTS CRJ7 @JuanCrafter_Pro
American Airlines Gates Terminal C
Gate Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
C02: BAVA226 KBWI B738 @ThomasThePro
C04: BAVA161 CYVR B738 @felixcat
C06: BAVA360 KSJC B738 @Ramzi_Khairan
C07: BAVA330 KMSY A320 @ButterAllDay
C08: BAVA104 KLGA B738 @CaptainClark
C10: ASVA031 KSEA B739 @HarryH1
C11: Reserved for ASVA
C12: Reserved for ASVA
C14: Reserved for ASVA
C15: QFA106 KLAX B738 @Timsaviation
C16: QVG346 CYYZ B738 @Starz
C17: Reserved for QVG
C19: Reserved for QVG
C27: AAVA5 TJSJ B738 @chris_l
C28: AAVA100 KSJC B738 @BigBert10
C29: AAVA1694 KCLT TBD @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
C30: AAVA1553 KMIA B738 @Carlo-Espino10
C31: AAVA212 KPDX B738 @Luke_Sta
C33: AAVA118 KRDU B738 @VAnuj
C35: AAVA5221 MSLP A320 @Herbert_Villacorta
C36: AAVA0479 KBOS A321 @Ryan0479
C37: AAVA882 TJSJ B738 @Gilberto_Felix
C38: AAVA807 KRDU B738 @Austin_Schilling
C20: AAVA20 KBOS A321 @Bewilkins22
C21 AAVA1349 KPDX B738 @NathanD
C22: AMVA01 MMUN A321 @Enrique_Fernandez
C24: AAVA3 KMIA B752 @Tajay
C26: SAS8798 KORD B739 @BraddersP70
International Terminal D
Gate Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
D36: reserved
D33: AAVA6299 VHHH B77W @TylerShah
D30: AAVA208 ZSPD B789 @RafaelPadilla
D29A: AAVA1625 VHHH B77W @AviatorGamerYT
D27A: AAVA186 ZBAA B789 @Leonard.Brownies
D25: AAVA2630 PHKO B772 @Altaria55
D23: AAVA115 VHHH B77W @HarryH1
D20: AAVA915 VHHH B77W @Juansilva79
D18A: BAVA212 EGLL B77W @Pilot_Future
D17A: SNOMAN RKSI B789 @snoman
D16X: QFA334 RKSI B789 @QVG-Crunch
D14A: AAVA3636 RJAA B772 @Takahashi
D11A: AAVA94 VHHH B77W @Taffy_jaffe
D09: reserved
D07: AAVA0045 VHHH B77W @Plane_Masta

Signing up is quick and simple. Kindly reply below with your gate request, route of choice, callsign, and aircraft, and a staff member will add your request to the gate list above. If you’re a member of American Virtual or our many partners, kindly include the that as well.

A message from our President:

“It’s been an extremely successful year for American Virtual. In the past year, we’ve recruited a roster of over 100 pilots, logged over 6,100 flights and 30,000 hours, formed meaningful and fun partnerships with 6 other Virtual Airlines, co-founded the OneWorld Virtual Alliance, and cultivated a welcoming and active community in Slack. We’ve continuously innovated to bring our pilots the best in flight logging technology, utilizing systems such as Airtable and our AmericanCrew Crew Center. Our route network has expanded to an astounding 2,300+ routes, including 400+ routes brought to us by our codeshare partners, and we maintain a fleet of 24 individual aircraft types in 50 liveries. Amazing friendships and community spirit have blossomed before our eyes. Myself and the entire AAVA staff team are proud to have created such a successful and vibrant virtual airline, and we’re looking forward to the years to come!”


D36 to VHHH, as usual


Sign me up! KDFW-KLEX, AAVA5!

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Can I please get a gate to my usual and favorite airport please :D


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Flight to CLT please equipment to be determine on if I feel lke a 737 day or A321 day

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Thanks for joining us! You have all been signed up, see you there!

Chris L, Head Events Manager

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If I may ask, what callsign will you be wearing?

@AmericanVirtual can i change my destination?

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AAVA1694 callsign

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Sign me up! AAVA1553

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Of course you can, Rafael. That’ll be changed shortly!


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Thanks for coming, Carlo. You’ll be added shortly!🙂 -CL

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Hong Kong AAVA6299

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Thanks you!

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You got it, Tyler! See you there! -CL

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I’ll take an AA B738 to KDEN!

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Good to see you, Luke! The gate is yours, happy flying! -CL

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Can I take D27 to ZBAA please? Thanks!

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I’ll take gate D18 in a B752. Route is KDFW-KMIA. Callsign is AAVA3.

I don’t know if anyone else recognizes but in the background of this image, all AAVA callsigns up to October 22 are present. Like this message if you spot your callsign. Have fun at the event, all and see you there!