American Virtual Presents: Escaping to Paradise @ KPHX - 262100ZJAN19



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Welcome to American Virtual’s first ever public IFC event! In this event, we will be flying from the mountainous Phoenix to the stunning airports of San Jose Del Cabo International and Puerto Vallarta International. With beautiful coastlines and airports surrounded by peace and serenity, this is an event you will surely not want to miss.

Date and Time: Saturday, January 26, 2019 9:00 PM
Server: Expert
Aircraft: American A320-200
Departing ICAO: KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)
Arriving ICAO: MMSD (San Jose Del Cabo International Airport) & MMPR (Puerto Vallarta International Airport)
Notice: All information including cruising speeds, cruising alitudes, etc. will be posted in the group chat that we will use for all flight.

It’s winter, the perfect time to escape for a vacation! Phoenix is an amazing location with scorching hot weather and San Jose and Puerta Vallarta are warm year round! Let’s escape to the beautiful Mexican coast together!

Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta (KPHX-MMPR)
Gate Pilot Callsign
A21: @VAnuj (Primary Leader) AAV001
A22: @Dylan_Bright (Secondary Leader) AAV9786
A23: @ShadowOutlaw AAV1265
A24: @AIDAN101 AAV101
A25: @Ryan_Poteet AAV3185
A26: @Connor_Long AAV26
A27: @cesarirureta AAV0439
A28: @Clinton_Stack1 AAV0024
A29: @Shane_Cullen AAV997
A30: @therealOFNIR2.0 AAV2087
B1: @Captain_Seth AAV17
B2: @DabMasterBoe AAV40
B3: @LeRos470 AAV470
B4: @CaptainAlfonso AAV59
B5: @IanZ AAV0923
Phoenix to San Jose Del Cabo (KPHX-MMSD)
Gate Pilot Callsign
A1: @mkwiecek (Primary Leader) AAV2549
A2: @Jonesrox55 American 1155
A3: @DTot42 AAV4291
A4: @JulianQ AAV320
A5: @Noam_Bechhofer BAVA147
A6: @Vdennis1 AAV72

Signing up is very easy, and whether you are an American Virtual pilot or not, you can sign up for this event! Please reply in this format:
If you are an AAV pilot, please reply with your AAV callsign. Thanks!

American Virtual is a constantly growing and extremely active VA. With new pilots coming in every day, we always see new names in Slack. With a wide range of destinations to fly with a large variety of aircraft, American Virtual is your ticket around the world! In addition to American Airlines’ routes, AAVA also offers a large network of codeshare options for pilots to fly. The many events we host mean there’s constant fun and interaction with the community! Join American Virtual, and fly with us as we are always Going For Great! Join us today!

American Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by American Airlines, Inc.


I will take a gate. :)

Callsign: AAV1265
Destination: MMPR


Callsign: AAV4291
Destination: MMPR


Callsign: AAV101
Destination: MMPR

Side notes: I might record (Livestream) this event.


Callsign: AAV3185
Destination: MMPR


@DTot42 @AIDAN101 @Ryan_Poteet you have been added! Enjoy the event!


Destination- MMPR


Callsign: AAV0439
Destination MMPR


Sign me up pls!


@Connor_Long, @cesarirureta, and @Sebastian9915 you have all been added! Enjoy the event!


Callsign AAV0024
Destination MMPR


You have been added to the list. Enjoy!


I’d like any gate as American 1155 to MMSD please!


You were added as well. Enjoy!


Ugh I might have drop due to some activities going that day🤕, sorry


My First AAV Event!



@Sebastian9915 you have been removed. Sorry to hear you can’t join.

@Shane_Cullen you have been added! Enjoy the event!


Call sign: AAV2087
Destination: MMPR


Got you in. Enjoy!


Grab me a gate! 😉

Callsign: AAV17

Destination: MMPR