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American Virtual is back and here to stay! After more than a month without the American Virtual presence in the virtual airline community, there is a brand new and much improved American Virtual. With a brand new operations plan, we can ensure you that we have taken some steps to make this American Virtual unique in every way possible.


Our goal at American Virtual is to provide pilots a one of a kind virtual airline experience like no other can offer. With over 9,000 routes to choose from, a unique rank system, a great rewards system and more, we can ensure your experience will be as amazing as we promise.

American Virtual strives to maintain a perfect balance between a family like environment and a professional environment. Whether it be in our slack, the Infinite Flight Community, or in the actual app, these standards will always stay true to our airline.


American Virtual was founded in 2017 by Chris Hoover and Bobby Klesch, and became an important part of the virtual airline community within days of opening.

Despite the airline striving for a few months, the staff decided to close the doors of American Virtual and do a complete revamp. This was a great decision for the airline as a month later, the doors reopened and the airline began to fly high once again.

In October of 2018, Chris Hoover along with the staff made the ultimate decision to close the airline for good to allow someone who has brighter and better ideas for American Virtual.

Not too long after, American Virtual was picked up by Anuj and has been made into a better airline with a very bright future.

Now that is a little about our past, let’s hop back into the present.


Our staff team is consisting of very skilled and experienced memebers that are here to assist you with anything you could possibly need. Our team is listed below…

Executive Leadership

President: @VAnuj
Deputy President: @Dylan_Bright
Senior Advisor: @mkwiecek

Middle Leadership

Head of Marketing: @ShadowOutlaw
Event Manager: @JGrant639
Pilot Manager: @Vdennis1


American Virtual has a lot to offer, and we mean it! Here are just some of the things we offer…

Website And Crew Center

American Virtual offers a one of a kind website and Airtable crew center that is professionally organized. It allows you to view our airline information and have access to all of your personal pilot information at the same time. Join now to gain access to this exclusive feature!

A Large Fleet and Unique Rank System

Looking for an airline that has a rank system that is unlike any other? Then this is the airline for you. With 8 ranks to achieve and each unlocking you access to more aircraft, we can ensure flying won’t get boring. Our ranks and fleet are linked below…




The American Virtual Advantage rewards program is based off of the number of miles you fly. Every time you complete a flight you will record the distance flown in your PIREP, and that distance will then be put in a spreadsheet where you can find your total miles.

Status levels, their requirements and the perks associated with each level are listed below.

Gold Status - 5,000 Miles Flown
1.5x miles on flights under 500 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week

Platinum Status - 20,000 Miles Flown
1.25x miles on flights under 1000 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Platinum Pro Status - 50,000 Miles Flown
1.20x miles on flights under 1500 miles
2 out of hub flights permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week
1 featured charter flight permitted per week

Executive Platinum Status - 100,000 Miles Flown
1.15x miles on all flights
No hub restrictions
No rank restrictions
Can fly all weekly featured charter flights

Honorary Member - 500,000 Miles
Awarded the honorary reward
Public recognition on the American Virtual Thread
Personalized letter sent to the individual (real life)
Personalized slack status to put next to slack name
Personalized slack profile picture created and can be used if you wish

Event Rewards

No Status: Pilot has attended less than 2 events. Gate priority 5/5.

Gold: Pilot has attended 2 events. Gate priority 4/5

Platinum: Pilot has attended 5 events. Gate priority 3/5

Platinum Pro: Pilot has attended 10 events. Gate priority 2/5

Executive Platinum: Pilot has attended 20 events. Gate priority 1/5

Frequent Events

American Virtual will be hosting 4 scheduled events every month, 3 being internal and 1 will be made available for outside memebrs to fly along with us. In addition to these events we host many flash flights and other fun festivities that you won’t want to miss out on!


We may be an American based airline, but that does not stop us from flying all over the world. Fly further with our Oneworld partners and access routes that only a select few airlines are able to offer. In additon to this, you can receive perks for flying with our Oneworld partners! Why miss out on such a unique opportunity? Join now!

The things mentioned above are just some of the things American Virtual offers. To really get the full experience and see what this airline offers, hit apply now at the top of our thread!


American Virtual is a founding member of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. Because of this we are heavily involved with Oneworld events, codeshare agreements and the Oneworld Virtual Community which is linked below. If you are interested in finding out more about Oneworld then please visit the alliance thread which is also linked below.


Like what you are seeing above and want to join one of Infinite Flight’s most loved and well known virtual airlines? Then we suggest you hit that apply now below! We hope to see you in our slack shortly. If you are simply reading things over, we shall see you up in the skies :)

Apply Now!

Still not sure about joining?

This amazing video showcasing the elements that make American Virtual the VA it is will make you want to join. Watch it below! (Edited and published by @mkwiecek)

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AAVA is back! Welcome back to the community…


Glad to be able to lead this Virtual Airline. We won’t dissapoint!


It’s gonna have a strong presence.


So happy to see AAVA back!!! Good luck to you all!!


Glad to see AAVA back! Best of luck from your former moderating moderator :P


Welcome back.

@Transport_Hub Remind me of a time you actually moderated


Glad to be back! As I said to Chris on Slack, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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Welcome back, American Virtual! Can’t wait to work together on future OneWorld projects!

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Welcome back AAVA!


Welcome back American Virtual. Your thread looks awesome, well done. Good luck with your new beginning!


Welcome back to the infinite flight community. You have been missed :)

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Great to see American Virtual back with a great thread!

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Recruitment Update

Hello everyone, thank you all for your support for the new American Virtual. It means a lot to us as an airline and we truly appreciate it. We do have something changing about our recruitment policies. Please ensure to put your IFC username in the description box so we can reach out to you via the IFC. Thank you for your cooperation and we can’t wait to see you in our slack ;)


Omg it’s back!!! Definitely sending in an application tonight!!!


I’m really glad to see this amazing looking VA back in business! Best of luck to you guys. (;

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Great to see American Virtual back in the community. Glad to have you back, and congratulations!

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Welcome back AAVA. Hope you are successful! Blue skies and a tailwind.


@VAnuj didn’t put my IFC username on accident

Put it where? @Brad