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At Home with American Virtual (1)

At Home With American Virtual

As many of us are staying home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that American Virtual can offer you an escape- an escape to a whole new community. At AAVA, we’re a family, and we support each other through all types of hardships. Whether it’s talking to friends in our always-active Slack, flying in casual group flights or massive events with other AAVA pilots, or participating in our wide variety of flight and community competitions, being a pilot at American Virtual is a great experience. With 368 PIREPs filed in the last week alone (avg 53/day) and several events with 20+ attendees, our community is booming, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! During these tough times, we encourage everyone to follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local health agencies. We are stronger in numbers. Let’s play our part in suppressing COVID-19, and know that the AAVA community is here and ready to support you! Happy Flying!


Hey I’ve just applied through the apply link. I’ll get contacted by someone if I’m correct.

Yes. It may take up to 48 hours for a recruiter to contact you, however, it is likely that we will contact you before then.

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Ah my favourite North American airline, goodluck with the VA guys! :D

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Amazing thread 😁


Nice thread and it made me apply :D

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Monday afternoon, American Virtual and Iberia Virtual hosted our first partnership event from Chicago (KORD) to Washington (KDCA), bringing an excess of 30 pilots from both VAs. Flown our B737, A320, and A321, this event proved to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for both the pilots at IBVA and AAVA. We look forward to hosting future events with @IberiaVirtual, we had so much fun!

Apply Here!

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Hey, I’m thinking of joining AAVA.

Is there an activity requirement?

Hi! You have to file at least one flight a month.

Incredible airline!
I was inactive for a while but now I come with more desire to fly, could I come back please?

Of course! We ask that you re-apply to us, filling out the application and taking the test again.

Done, exam passed


I’ve just applied! Hope to join!


That’s looks great,it’s nice!

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I just applied! When will we get our results?

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We sent you a message regarding the status of your application.

Hi, I re applied but have had no response.

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Hi @Tomjet073. You submitted your test less than an hour ago. Please be patient. You will be contacted soon. -DB

Yes sorry. I am eager

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I hope I get accepted 🤞