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Welcome to American Virtual, where we strive to maintain the perfect balance between a professional and friendly environment. In our ranks, there are real world student pilots, commercial pilots and everything in between. Our slack is also laden with IFATC members, IFAE pilots and IFVARB members thus making it the optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. We offer one of the most comprehensive route databases in the virtual airline community. That, coupled with our diverse fleet of 13 aircrafts and a manifold of liveries, you will not be bored.

Our mission is simple- To provide an unforgettable and enjoyable virtual airline experience. We offer many things here at American Virtual. To name a few, our in-house crew center, unique rewards program and codeshare routes.

The staff team comprises of the most talented, innovative and skilled problem solvers in the community. They are here to answer all your questions and make your experience even more memorable!
Executive Leadership

Dylan B | President
Dylan T | Deputy President
TaJay W | Deputy President

Second Tier Leadership

Shadow Outlaw | Marketing Manager
Christopher L | Events Manager
Jeffrey R | Events Manager
Collin B | Pilot Manager

Diverse Ranking Structure

American Virtual offers 13 aircraft for you to fly under the American livery.
Listed below is our fleet, along with our 8 ranks.

New Hire / 0:00-7:59 Hours
• ERJ175
• CRJ200
• CRJ700
• CRJ900

First Officer / 8:00-19:59 Hours
• A320
• B737-800

Senior First Officer / 20:00-39:59 Hours
• A321

Captain / 40:00-74:59 Hours
• B757-200

Senior Captain / 75:00-119:00 Hours
• B767-300

Commander / 120:00-199:59 Hours
• B777-200ER
• B777-300ER
• MD-11

Senior Commander / 200:00+ Hours
• B787-900

Note: We fly the E175 flown in the U.S. Airways livery. The A320 and B757 may be flown in either the American Airlines or U.S. Airways livery, as U.S. Airways was acquired by American Airlines in 2015.


The American Virtual Advantage rewards program (AAVAdvantage) is based on the number of miles you fly. Every time you complete a flight, the distance you’ve flown is automatically calculated by our Crew Center, where you can then find your total miles.

Status levels, their requirements and the perks associated with each level are listed below.

Gold Status - 5,000 Miles Flown
1.5x miles on flights under 500 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week

Platinum Status - 20,000 Miles Flown
1.25x miles on flights under 1000 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Platinum Pro Status - 50,000 Miles Flown
1.20x miles on flights under 1500 miles
2 out of hub flights permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Executive Platinum Status - 100,000 Miles Flown
1.15x miles on all flights
No hub restrictions
No rank restrictions

Admiral Awards Program

The awards in the Admiral Awards Program are for pilots that go above and beyond the normal standards, those that are extremely active and have accumulated massive amounts of flight time. The pilots who receive these awards show dedication at an entirely different level, and they are leaders for all other pilots in the VA. The reward structure is shown below.

Junior Admiral Award: 300 hrs
Vice Admiral Award: 400 hrs
Admiral Award: 500 hrs
Executive Admiral Award: 750 hrs
Flagship Admiral Award: 1000 hrs

Concierge Key

Concierge Key, much the like the real version American Airlines has, is an invite only rewards program but with our own American Virtual spin. Concierge Key members are our best, most valued pilots that do the unexpected, and truly make their mark on the VA. This milestone is not easy to reach. There are no requirements to become a Concierge Key, as the staff team periodically nominates and then discusses potential CK members. Join to find out more!


Our website, coded by @ShadowOutlaw, is a one-stop-shop for information, should our pilots need it. You can find all information on our VA there, along with routes and our fleet. Visit our website here.


American Virtual hosts numerous each month. The majority of these will be internal, but there will, of course, be events for the community. Most of us join the Infinite Flight community with a drive to fly. With a multitude of events monthly, we hope to satisfy that drive.

Promotional Video

Edited with love by our President, American Virtual’s promotional video highlights all the great aspects of flying with the VA. Watch it to see more!

Throughout the majority of its existence, American Virtual used a rather unorthodox, yet effective system of logging flights- Airtable. While the Airtable system served its purpose and was a convenient and simple way for pilots to log flights, it wasn’t quite up to the high AAVA standard. We knew our pilots would love to have an interactive Crew Center. That’s why we launched our new, state-of-the-art Crew Center, AmericanCrew. This platform boasts a live map of all planes that bear the AAVA callsign on the Expert Server, PIREP Filing and much more! Want to use this brilliantly designed software? Join us now!

We may be a North American based VA, but we never fail to establish our presence in every corner of the globe! This wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable partnerships and codeshares we share with other leading virtual airlines that operate on the simulator. We also host events and group flights with many of our partner airlines, a great way to meet new people and fly with others! Listed below are our partners:

British Airways Virtual Airlines image

Virtual Cathay Pacific

Alaska Virtual Airlines image

Air Canada Virtual Airlines image

Qantas Virtual Group image

Qatar Virtual bullets

China Southern Virtual image

One World Virtual Alliance

Founded in 2018, Oneworld Virtual has always strived for excellence and breaking through limits. The alliance strives for diversity and with virtual airlines all over the globe, we achieve that. With airlines being based from North America to Australia, our alliance is truly bringing the world together. We offer codeshares from each virtual airline in the alliance, allowing our pilots to truly fly around the world in different aircrafts and liveries. Read more on the alliance here.

American Virtual, like American Airlines, offers ten hubs that are strategically located across North America. Our hubs are listed below by region, along with a description of what you can expect at each hub.


John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)

Located in the heart and soul of America, JFK airport provides beautiful views with destinations all over the USA and to Europe. Whether you are departing or arriving, you will see the beautiful city that we like to call the Big Apple.

LaGuardia Airport (KLGA)

Just a little over 10 miles from JFK, LaGuardia offers great regional routes around the east coast and the midwest.

Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)

Not too far from JFK and LGA, Philadelphia International provides plenty of regional routes mixed with medium haul, and some beautiful streams and rivers that will make you want to fly here more often. PHL is our main transatlantic hub, serving many stunning cities in Europe!


Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)

Charlotte Douglas Airport is AA’s second-busiest hub. If you choose CLT, you will find plenty of routes ranging from regional to long haul, as well as some great scenery of North Carolinian plains.

Miami International Airport (KMIA)

Miami International provides some of the best scenery in the US. With some of the most stunning beaches and clear blue waters, MIA will not disappoint. Offering all types of routes, you will never get bored of Miami. MIA is our main Caribbean and South American hub.


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW)

Dallas Fort Worth is American Virtual’s main hub. With over 800 departures a day with AA alone, DFW has the most routes of any AAVA hub!

Chicago O' Hare International Airport (KORD)

Chicago O’ Hare airport is the third busiest AA hub. The “Windy City” is laden with flights all over America and plenty of international flights you’re sure to love.


Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)

Los Angeles International is the gateway to the Pacific, and is home to all of our transcontinental routes as well as our long hauls that go to places such as Japan, China and more!

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (KPHX)

Located in Arizona, Phoenix Sky Harbor offers amazing deserts and gorgeous mountains. Mostly a regional airport, PHX is a great place to start your AAVA career.


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA)

Based in Virginia, DCA has the perfect balance between regional and medium haul routes. Showing off its gracious plains, flying in or out of DCA will amaze you.

“Everyone is professional, the realism is amazing, and it’s great to fly with the American Virtual community! Fun is what they’re all about!”

- Isacc, AAVA First Officer

“American Virtual is a great way to make new friends and meet new people. They also feature such a variety of routes, even I was satisfied, which takes a lot. It isn’t easy running a VA, however the team at AAVA do a great job running this VA to its ever-growing potential.”

- Marcel, AAVA Senior Commander

“American Virtual offers a one of a kind experience to pilots. Whether it be the awesome new crew center, the family like environment, or the vast amount of routes they operate, you know that you can expect the best of the best from the virtual airline.”

- Chris Hoover, AAVA Commander, IFVARB Admin

“In 2014, I started flying in IF but I stopped using it because of the lack of realism. In 2017, I gave it one more try and that’s when I discovered the VAs. It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided on American Virtual (AAVA). The best VA in IF, AAVA takes realism in IF to another level. We are not a group, we are a family, where we have fun without losing professionalism. It fills my heart with pride when I hear ATC saying “Alpha Alpha Victor Alpha” when you are flying and when you see your fellow pilots flying. My experience has been great and I recommend this VA!”

- Gilberto, AAVA Senior Commander

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Amazing thread AAVA. Looking forward to seeing you expand and grow in the future!


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Saying this is a great VA doesn’t encompass all the positive moments I’ve shared with all involved. Everyone is always willing to help another and someone always wants to fly. I’ve met many extraordinary people here, some of which I’m delighted to call my friends. I’m proud to have spent a year here and I can’t wait for what the future entails. Let’s go for great!

This virtual airline offers one of the most routes in the community. The illustration below visualizes nearly all the routes I’ve flown since I’ve been here. This is over 130 routes. Routes that I’ve flown more than once will be displayed as one.




I accidentally took the test twice. The first I got a 63 idk how but then after a took it again and got a 100 after looking at the tutorials will I still have to wait the week to get in. I did not know you could not take it twice

@Pertonics, All recruitment communications should be handled in the PM that was already created :) Thanks.


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