American Virtual IF: Welcome Back!

There is a rule about it and @americanairlinesif can contact me about a merger

There is no rules as of yet, but soon there will be

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There is I’ll link the post

There are many VAs that replicate one real world airline and u and this American VA shouldn’t be a problem although this one seems to be getting much more attention than yours. Can u plz provide evidence as to where u see a rule that there can only be one VA replicating a real world airline


So because they’re better funded out of the hole(and are affiliated with you), they should get to drop out of the game for months at a time only to reclaim in full once they come out of hibernation?

Last time I checked the average attention span around here isn’t measured in moon rotations.


Here is the rule

Here is the thread

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That says that there can be no fight over ownership therefore both of u can run ur VA or merge. U have proved ur point wrong and this is the end of it ☺

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That literately proves nothing at all, I mean absolutely nothing. The question was, where does it state there can only be one…

Also, I’ve already offered to talk about the possibility of a merger with @americanairlinesif (above)

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It means that the party that wished to return should have looked into whether their original intention had already been fulfilled in their absence.

One does not simply get to return without doing their due diligence nor a courtesy message. I’m also amiable to a merger as the bigger the better so as to not fade out like so many other VA.

This isn’t an argument as much as it is to bring attention of what is now a duplication.

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Your the one starting the ownership arguments, not him. There are no “VA rights,” unless you have gotten American Airlines VA copyrighted, which I highly doubt you have.

I would suggest a merger, since this is the older and more organized American VA.


And has been around since 2014, besides its 3 month break lol

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June, July, August, September.

I count four.


Well bless my heart, I forgot one month.

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And I have stated I am amiable to this option so as to not have this be a hostitility. 🙂

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Exactly, they have more experience in this industry.

The only reason they ever left was because of their host and issues relating to that matter.


4 moths is a long time…

In the big picture of things, not really.

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Since our initiation date is as recent as it is if the OP would have kindly DM @Boeing_777 or myself to inform us of this occasion this wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.

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In IF, it is.

remember that thing I said about the average attention span around this corner of the inter web.