American Virtual // Going For Great

Just out of curiosity does level really affect your chance joining?

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Hi there,

If you have any questions about applying, please message our recruiter @AndrewWu and he will answer your questions as soon as he can! Thanks again for your interest :)

Chris Hoover


Wow! Looks extremely professional might have to apply 🙂




A lot has been happening these past two weeks at American Virtual. Take a look to see what the board of directors have been implementing/adding to this Virtual Airline.

American Virtual has added over 80 Codeshare routes this week, allowing pilots to fly 10 different liveries, and 4 new aircraft. This brings our total Codeshare route count up to over 150!

The board has also been working on implementing some new things into the airline. I can’t give away specific info as to what we are doing, but I can assure you that these things to come are going to be great. Stay tuned for more info.

That’s a little summary about our past two weeks. If you’re interested in what we are doing above, make sure to click apply now at the top of our thread!


As a few of you may have noticed, our Google Form was closed the past couple days for maintenance. I have made extensive improvements to our entry application with the addition of a 16-question exam.

Applicants will need to score at least a 75% on the entrance exam (12/16 questions correct) to be admitted to American Virtual. Questions cover Piloting, ATC, and general situational awareness.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



~Core 6 Event~

That’s right, American Virtual will be attending part 3 of this amazing core 6 event series! Be sure to look out for our callsigns and we hope/can’t wait to see everyone there!



~Our Apologies~

Recently American Virtual launched an ATC program that shoud not have passed through an executive vote, and should not have been allowed to be launched. The program was a direct copy of IFATC but for training server. On behalf of the American Virtual staff, I would like to say to all that we are sorry for creating such a terrible program that literally was IFATC but for the training server. I would especially like to reach out to, @Tyler_Shelton and @Trio and direct my apologies to them.

The program has now been shut down to show everyone how sorry we are for copy catting. It was unacceptable and you will not see anything like this from American Virtual again. We hope that from this we can move onto better things, but doing things in a unique style.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some big changes to the VA coming shortly.




American Virtual has seen some big changes this week. As you all know American Virtual is deeply involved with the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. Earlier this week, British Airways Virtual and American Virtual had finalized the Oneworld revamp, and relaunched the alliance. Which means changes to our ranks, route database and more! Click the drop down to view our new ranks.

Rank 1: AA CRJ and BA CRJ/E190 (all variants)
Rank 2: AA A320/21 BA A319/20
Rank 3: AA 738 BA 738 and A321

Rank 4: AA 757/MD11 BA 757/DC10 - Unlocks All AAVA routes and can fly then as long as they are of rank.

Rank 5: AA 767 BA 767
Rank 6: AA 777 BA 777 (all variants)
Rank 7: AA 787 BA 787 (all variants)
Rank 8: BA A380 and B747
Rank 9: BA A318

Required Hours

Rank 1: 0 Hours
Rank 2: 10 Hours
Rank 3: 25 Hours
Rank 4: 50 Hours
Rank 5: 90 Hours
Rank 6: 135 Hours
Rank 7: 180 Hours
Rank 8: 250 Hours
Rank 9: 300 Hours
Presidents Award: 500
OneWorld Bronze: 650
OneWorld Silver: 800
OneWorld Gold: 1000
OneWorld Platinum: 1500

We are also ecstatic to mention that we have now added 9200 American Airlines routes to our database. This mass amount of routes is what makes us a unique VA, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished.

Interested in flying all those routes, and flying with one of the best airlines in the Virtual Airline community? Apply now!


Sent out an application!

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@Chris_757_777 If you get accepted i assure you will love it here!

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Ok great!, can’t wait!

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Is there any chance American VA will/could switch to Discord?

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We will continue to use slack as it best fits our needs. Everything we do such as PIREP filing and route searching is based in slack. So chances of us switching are 0%. Thanks for your question!





American Virtual is proud to join with Delta Virtual, United Virtual and UPS Virtual for a 9/11 memorial flight this evening. Special thanks to coordination with @mwe2187 from DLVA, @Jshnlsn and @jakevaz423 from UVA and @karl_iszler from UPS Virtual for helping bring this all together!

While we are not making an official IFC event, we are happy to have the IFC community join us tonight! We are departing out of KBOS at 7 p.m. in the Boeing 752.

We ask that non-VA members spawn at Terminal E.

Here are some flight details for those non VA members so you’re kept in the loop.

Sept. 11 Memorial Flight - KBOS - KDCA - KJFK


Pushback order: DLVA, AAVA, UAVA, UPSVA, IFGAC, General public. Please do not pushback until the C208s in terminal E have pushed back.

Flight Info
Spawn Time: 6:40 PM EST
Departure Time: 7:00 PM EST
Route: KBOS-KJFK (Flying down to DC and looping back)
Server: Expert
Time: ~ 2 hours
Aircraft: B752
Departing Runway: BOS 04R
Arrival Runways: JFK 04L
Climb Rate: 2500 vs
Cruise Altitude: FL250
Cruise Speed: 315 knots KIAS
Descent Rate: -1500/2000 vs
Route #: In honor of this once a year anniversary flight, we have added a flight to the PIREP center titled “AAVA 9/11/01” Which will be used to file this flight.

Flight Plan
(Copy from MR AAVA)


Other Notes

-Please spawn in at 6:40 PM EST
-Ghosting will be enforced
-Fly professional
-Get the hell off the runway after landing, so no go-arounds are required
-Use Unicom appropriately



~Staff Position Opening~

American Virtual has opened a staff position with the title of developer to the public. We need someone who has a good coding background and is willing to help American Virtual’s current dev team to get projects done. Serious candidates only please.

Developer Application

The deadline to submit is Saturday at 9 PM EST. No late applications will be accepted. All applicants will be notified via PM whether or not they have been accepted.

Thanks to all future applicants, we appreciate your willingness to help. Good luck to everyone.

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I sent an application…this will be interesting, if I didn’t fail the test. 😏


I applied! Hope I get accepted!

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We will look at your application very soon! Expect a message in a little while!



~Application Process Change // Introducing AAVA Flight School~

American Virtual has been hard at work making some new additions to the VA that we know all pilots will love!

American Virtual Flight School

Just a few days ago, American Virtual had announced the official launch of the AAVA flight school. This new addition to our VA allows many new things to happen, such as a professionally refined application process, a career mode, as well as an exclusive chance to learn some new things about flying that will help you become as professional and realistic as can be. With 5 training sessions covering different topics each week, led by our own @mkwiecek and @JGrant639, we can ensure that you are learning from the best of AAVA.

New Application Process

Coming with this new addition to our VA is a new application process. All applicants will now have to go through the AAVA Flight School and complete the training requirements that are listed below before being “hired” by American Virtual. This will help us know that we can trust our pilots to represent our strive for professionalism. Something to note is that we are now accepting grade 2 pilots. The reason for this is because we are now training all applicants, so we can help get these grade 2 pilots that are looking to fly for a professional virtual airline in and flying!

Training Requirements

Grade 2’s: Grade 2 applicants must attend 7 training sessions and must accumulate 25 hours in the C208 and/or the TBM-900 before being hired by AAVA.

Grades 3-5: Grade 3, 4 and 5 applicants must attend 3 training sessions and must accumulate 10 hours in the C208 and/or the TBM-900 before being hired by AAVA.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot for American Virtual, please click “apply now” below to begin your journey with us!

Apply Now!


I love AAVA!

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