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American Virtual strives for the upmost level of professionalism, while keeping a family like environment.

You can count on us to provide the best experience for you and the rest of our pilots, every single day. With frequent events, membership benefits and more, you can trust what we say about the experience is 100% true!

This airline is an airline of the pilots, meaning we do our best to incorporate anything that pilots would like to see in the airline. This is something that differentiates is from other virtual airlines, and it only adds to the great experience we promise to provide.


American Virtual was founded by Chris Hoover and Bobby Klesch back in November of 2017. The airline thrived quickly, receiving 20 applications a day in our first week of being open. By New Year’s Eve, the airline had 138 pilots and became one of the fastest growing virtual airlines known to Infinite Flight.

Things continued as is until March, when the staff decided to close our doors and refurbish the airline. It was the best decision made, as now American Virtual is back at it with much more of a quality experience, as well as a large quantity of pilots.

As of July 2018, Chris Hoover had given up presidential power. However he decided to come back a month later due to many undisclosed reasons.

So that’s our past, let’s hop into the present!


The American Virtual staff consists of five members. The team works hard to run the airline and make it as best as it can be. They also love to be there for pilots, answering questions and making the experience enjoyable for each individual. Our team is listed below…

President: @Chris_Hoover // Chris Hoover
Deputy President: @Bobby // Bobby Klesch
Head Of Operations: @American787 // Sean
Projects Manager: @VAnuj // Anuj
Routes Manager: @mkwiecek


American Virtual has so much to offer, which only makes your experience better, and makes our airline feel like flying for the real American! Here’s what we have to offer.

Slack Based Crew Center

American Virtual has a Slack based crew center, making PIREP filing easier than ever, and makes finding pilot stats and more easier as well, through slash commands. Unsure about what this means? You will have to join to find out!

A Large Fleet and Multiple Ranks

American Virtual operates 11 aircraft and has 7 different ranks to achieve. Check out our ranks and their corresponding aircraft below.

Rank 1 (New Hire) Can fly the AA Embraer 175, CRJ-700, CRJ-900 This rank is earned at 0 hours.

Rank 2 (First Officer) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA A320 and the AA Boeing 737. This rank is earned at 10 hours.

Rank 3 (Senior First Officer: Gold Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Airbus A321. This rank is earned at 25 hours.

Rank 4 (Captain) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 757. This rank is earned at 40 hours.

Rank 5 (Senior Captain: Platinum Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 767. This rank is earned at 60 hours.

Rank 6 (Commander: Platinum Pro Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 777. This rank is earned at 125 hours.

Rank 7 (Fleet Commander: Executive Platinum Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 787. This rank is earned at 210 hours

Membership Perks

We also offer a pilots rewards program with many benefits! The purpose of this rewards program is to give our pilots a reason to fly! Without a reason to fly, things can get boring real quick. Here’s a brief overview of our rewards system.

Gold Member
Earned at 25 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.1 (hours), gate priority 4th in events

Platinum Member
Earned at 60 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.25 (hours), gate priority 3rd in events

Platinum Pro Member
Earned at 125 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.5 (hours), gate priority 2nd in events, feature request priority

Executive Platinum Member
Earned at 210 Hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 2.0 (hours), gate priority 1st in events, feature request priority, ability to earn highest awards

A Warm Environment

As said above, we always are providing a warm environment for our pilots. We communicate using slack, an easy to use communications platform. Another thing that makes our environment as warm as it is, is that we are in a joint slack with One World Alliance members! Meaning you get to talk to people in other VAs from all around the world.


American Virtual offers over 100 Codeshare routes with airlines such as British Airways, Air Tahiti Nui, Alaskan Airlines, Delta Airlines and more! Allowing you to fly more aircraft than any other Virtual Airline can offer!


We provide an Instagram for all of our pilots as well as community members to follow! The Instagram will have announcements about the VA, pictures of and from flights as well as news about flight cancellations. Follow us @american.virtual

Want to find out more about what we offer? You’ll have to join and find out!


American Virtual has a few partnerships and is involved in one alliance. Check them out below!


Alaskan Airlines Virtual Group

~Alaskan Airlines Virtual Group @Dashsolpher1 ~
The Alaskan and American Virtual partnership is a codeshare agreement between Alaska Virtual and American Virtual, allowing each airlines pilots to fly each other’s aircraft, liveries and routes. The partnership runs on the motto, “Better, together.” A simple but meaningful motto for a great partnership.

Alaska Air Group Virtual | Main Thread | #More to Love | #AAGV | American-Alaska Partnership Annoucement!


One World Virtual Alliance

~The One World Virtual Alliance~

The One World Virtual Alliance was created with a goal to bring multiple VAs together, as well as create multiple codeshare agreements, allowing pilots of the participating VAs to fly other aircrafts/liveries other than what their VA typically flies.

One World Virtual Alliance


Like what you have read above? If so, then this virtual airline is the right one for you! To get started with us, simply click apply now! Ond of our staff members will contact you via PM on the IFC regarding your application and the next steps to take after your application has been accepted.

Apply Now

We here at American Virtual thank you for considering us! If your just reading along, we hope this thread covered everything you need to know about us! We hope to see you in our slack soon!


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Formatting - @Chris_Hoover // Chris Hoover

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Dayum, those thread banners are on fire!


Nice forum post something I was looking up to, anywho I’d love to join American Airlines VA.

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You can send in an application through our link towards the bottom of the topic! :)

We’re glad you’re interested!


Thanks @Levet you just made my night 😂

Anyways if you’re looking to join make sure to click apply now on our thread!


Looks amazing @Chris_Hoovern @Bobby


If @Levet joins… 🤔

We would have a moderator in our VA!!! XD

Great thread! Those banners are #lit!!! Proud to fly for AAVA!

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Proud to be a member of AAVA !!!


Just out of curiosity does level really affect your chance joining?

Hi there,

If you have any questions about applying, please message our recruiter @AndrewWu and he will answer your questions as soon as he can! Thanks again for your interest :)

Chris Hoover


Wow! Looks extremely professional might have to apply 🙂




A lot has been happening these past two weeks at American Virtual. Take a look to see what the board of directors have been implementing/adding to this Virtual Airline.

American Virtual has added over 80 Codeshare routes this week, allowing pilots to fly 10 different liveries, and 4 new aircraft. This brings our total Codeshare route count up to over 150!

The board has also been working on implementing some new things into the airline. I can’t give away specific info as to what we are doing, but I can assure you that these things to come are going to be great. Stay tuned for more info.

That’s a little summary about our past two weeks. If you’re interested in what we are doing above, make sure to click apply now at the top of our thread!


As a few of you may have noticed, our Google Form was closed the past couple days for maintenance. I have made extensive improvements to our entry application with the addition of a 16-question exam.

Applicants will need to score at least a 75% on the entrance exam (12/16 questions correct) to be admitted to American Virtual. Questions cover Piloting, ATC, and general situational awareness.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



~Core 6 Event~

That’s right, American Virtual will be attending part 3 of this amazing core 6 event series! Be sure to look out for our callsigns and we hope/can’t wait to see everyone there!



~Our Apologies~

Recently American Virtual launched an ATC program that shoud not have passed through an executive vote, and should not have been allowed to be launched. The program was a direct copy of IFATC but for training server. On behalf of the American Virtual staff, I would like to say to all that we are sorry for creating such a terrible program that literally was IFATC but for the training server. I would especially like to reach out to, @Tyler_Shelton and @Trio and direct my apologies to them.

The program has now been shut down to show everyone how sorry we are for copy catting. It was unacceptable and you will not see anything like this from American Virtual again. We hope that from this we can move onto better things, but doing things in a unique style.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some big changes to the VA coming shortly.




American Virtual has seen some big changes this week. As you all know American Virtual is deeply involved with the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. Earlier this week, British Airways Virtual and American Virtual had finalized the Oneworld revamp, and relaunched the alliance. Which means changes to our ranks, route database and more! Click the drop down to view our new ranks.

Rank 1: AA CRJ and BA CRJ/E190 (all variants)
Rank 2: AA A320/21 BA A319/20
Rank 3: AA 738 BA 738 and A321

Rank 4: AA 757/MD11 BA 757/DC10 - Unlocks All AAVA routes and can fly then as long as they are of rank.

Rank 5: AA 767 BA 767
Rank 6: AA 777 BA 777 (all variants)
Rank 7: AA 787 BA 787 (all variants)
Rank 8: BA A380 and B747
Rank 9: BA A318

Required Hours

Rank 1: 0 Hours
Rank 2: 10 Hours
Rank 3: 25 Hours
Rank 4: 50 Hours
Rank 5: 90 Hours
Rank 6: 135 Hours
Rank 7: 180 Hours
Rank 8: 250 Hours
Rank 9: 300 Hours
Presidents Award: 500
OneWorld Bronze: 650
OneWorld Silver: 800
OneWorld Gold: 1000
OneWorld Platinum: 1500

We are also ecstatic to mention that we have now added 9200 American Airlines routes to our database. This mass amount of routes is what makes us a unique VA, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished.

Interested in flying all those routes, and flying with one of the best airlines in the Virtual Airline community? Apply now!


Sent out an application!

@Chris_757_777 If you get accepted i assure you will love it here!

Ok great!, can’t wait!

Is there any chance American VA will/could switch to Discord?