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I’ve taken the test, expecting your reply

I’ve been here for a few months, and it has been my best VA experience. I have learnt many new stuff, that can help my dream to become a commercial pilot come true. The staff and pilots are friendly, the resources are amazing, and I can’t leave it out but the CrewCenter is the most amazing one! I totally recommend this VA to everyone who is looking to apply, you’ll definitely enjoy it! 😎


I have taken both the application and the quiz, can’t wait for a response.


Just applied with the quiz!

my test score was interesting… improvement is needed

So what is the maximum violation ratio?

What a website! 😍

Just applied and did quiz. Looking forwards to joining.

hey! its been so long, how much has changed?

Hey there,

I’m looking to return to AAVA soon and when I go to take the quiz. It shows this.

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Seems like that is to prevent duplicate responses from the same account. Maybe try it on a different account.

Just applied, can’t wait to see what flying is like with an American VA for once!


I applied yesterday! Looking forward to fly with the VA! 🙃

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Just talk to management they’ll fix it for you

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Just applied waiting for a reply! :D

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I’m interested in this VA so joining