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Hi, how can I re-apply? Back from inactivity.


We’re glad to hear that you’re back, reapply via the link above and we’ll contact you shortly. Let us know if you have anymore questions.

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Hi everybody! I’ve just applied! 😎


Is this applying procedure normal? I applied one week ago and no answer. I hope my application isn’t vanished :)

Hi, Gergo.

We don’t have a record of an application filed under your IFC username. Try applying via the link below and we will get back to you within 24 hours, if you still experience issues, feel free to send us a message.
Apply Here


Yeey, now I’m applied for real. 100/85 points on the test.


20.2 Update - Reworked B777-300ER

After the long anticipated 20.2 update, the reworked B77W is now in the hands of AAVA pilots! A prominent aircraft in our long-haul fleet, the B77W is predominately used in routes to South America, East Asia, and select cities in Europe. In addition to passenger routes, the B77W is also featured in select cargo routes we allow pilots to fly each month. Although the widebody (B77W) is unlocked at Commander, newer pilots get multiple chances to fly it during Routes of the Week and our internal events. We thank the Infinite Flight staff for this amazing aircraft and we know that our pilots feel the same too!

Apply Here!


Following thorough discussion within the staff team, American Virtual is changing some of its operations. We’ve been hard at work trying to make American Virtual as best as possible and believe these changes push us in the correct direction. See the changes below

New Crew Center

Behind the scenes, the development team has been working on a huge project: a brand new Crew Center! This Crew Center will be completely customized and will have features such as an integrated support system, a well-improved money system, hub charts, and much much more. While the development is not yet finished, we can promise that will be released by the spring of next year.

Launch of Career Mode

The American Virtual Career Mode is more than just a program - it’s a prestige. Pilot’s who decide to participate in this program will have certain routes they have to complete, type ratings, and checkrides, making this program the most realistic program to date within American Virtual.

Video Tutorials

We are excited to introduce Video Tutorials, which will provide an easier and more well-rounded experience for pilots in relation to navigating and performing functions throughout American Virtual (Crew Center, Slack, etc.) To view them, please click here!

Qatar Virtual Codeshare Routes

American Virtual has been partnered with Qatar Virtual for quite some time now and we, unfortunately, haven’t had the opportunity to add codeshares as we always strive for realism and to follow our real-life counter-part. However, this has since changed as American Airlines now has codeshares with Qatar! Thus, we’re excited to announce codeshare routes with QRV. This opens many new routes to the Middle East, in addition to an array of new aircraft that come with these codeshare routes. Thank you to our wonderful partner, @QatarAirwaysVirtual!


i just finished my application im so exited


We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

This is the best choice by far I could have made. These guys are very hands on. Helpful and extremely tentative. Thanks guy’s for allowing an old guy lol into your Va


Thanks for your kind words! We’re glad to have you within AAVA, as you have a wonderful impact on our community!

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Thanks, it’s a pleasure!


I do not want to sound inpatient I know I will sound like it though but how long should it be for a response from you guys in a pm or Emil any way I’m already feeling that I will love it here that’s if I get in 😅

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Holy man. That site looks great! Also those pictures of the American Eagle CRJ, (I am being truthful here, I got proof if you don’t believe me) but those are mine from back when I was in AAVA and I’m SO glad they are the first thing everyone sees! I cannot tell y’all how much that makes my day.

Edit: just realized y’all gave me credit on the page, I couldn’t see that on my phone mb


@ELDEN_PLATENBERG, hey! You can expect an application response by tonight.

@LoneStarAviation, all of our pictures on our website are given credit. We’re glad that we have the pleasure of displaying your screenshot!

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How do you guys love the new chrome 757, even though it may be old it is my favorite livery of all time.

Its awesome it really is an antique to our fleet!

Kevin S.
AAVA Event Manager


i have applied for this VA and got 90/100 in the quiz. Just waiting on your reply!


We’ll get back to you soon!