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Welcome to our IFC Topic! American Virtual is an IFVARB-approved VA that strives to maintain a healthy balance between professionalism, realism, and a welcoming environment. We were founded by @Chris_Hoover in the summer of 2017 and received IFVARB approval a few months later. Since then, we’ve expanded and grown AAVA to an astounding 220 pilots, a database composed of nearly 10,000 route numbers, and over 65 aircraft to choose from. In addition to our wide array of routes/aircraft, we offer an experience that is unmatched by any other VA. Our unique award system, competitions, special event attendance multipliers, Concierge Key (CK), and much much more, makes American Virtual stand out above the rest. Furthermore, our Slack is laden with IFATC, IFAE, and real-world pilots, providing an optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline, and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. Fly with us today!

To provide an enjoyable, professional, and realistic environment for all pilots while upholding high standards.

The staff team comprises of the most talented, innovative, and skilled members of our community. They are here to answer all your questions and make your experience more memorable!

Executive Leadership Team

Gilberto F | President
Noah M | Vice President
Rafael P | Vice President

Middle Leadership Team

Corey P | Operations Officer
Jake S | Pilot Manager
Sam D | Senior Advisor
Zach N | Events Manager

Launched in September 2019, the American CrewCenter revolutionized AAVA. The Crew Center is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, all AAVA pilots must have an AmericanCrew account. The platform boasts a live map of all planes that bear the AAVA callsign on the Expert Server, PIREP Filing, and much more. To view the full scope of what you can do with our Crew Center, click below!

Click Here

•Manual PIREP filing
• PIREP bidding
• Complete routes schedule
• Live map of all AAVA aircraft
• Pre-flight briefing and boarding
pass function
• Insightful profile page
• VA News section
• Corporate section containing
information regarding rank
structure, pilot roster, and the staff team.
Our Privacy Policy is also
viewable in this section.
• Pilot roster with individual
detailed profiles and automatic
• Rank structure page
• Staff team page



The American Virtual-Advantage rewards program (AAVAdvantage) is based on the number of miles you fly. Every time you complete a flight, the distance you’ve flown is automatically calculated by our CrewCenter, where you can then find your total miles.

Status levels, their requirements, and the perks associated with each level are listed below.

Gold Status - 10,000 Miles Flown
1.5x miles on flights under 500 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week

Platinum Status - 35,000 Miles Flown
1.25x miles on flights under 1000 miles
1 out of hub flight permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Platinum Pro Status - 70,000 Miles Flown
1.20x miles on flights under 1500 miles
2 out of hub flights permitted per week
1 no rank restriction flight permitted per week

Executive Platinum Status - 140,000 Miles Flown
1.15x miles on all flights
No hub restrictions
No rank restrictions

Admiral Awards Program

The Admiral Awards Program is for pilots that go above and beyond our normal standards, those that are extremely active and have accumulated massive amounts of flight time. At every new award, the pilot receives a customized PFP with their callsign on it, you can view an example here. The reward structure is shown below.

Junior Admiral Award: 300 hours
Vice Admiral Award: 400 hours
Admiral Award: 500 hours
Executive Admiral Award: 750 hours
Flagship Admiral Award: 1000 hours

Concierge Key

Concierge Key, much the like the real world version American Airlines has, is an invite-only rewards program but with our American Virtual spin. Concierge Key members are our best, most valued pilots that do the unexpected and truly make their mark on AAVA. There are no requirements to become a Concierge Keyholder, as the staff team periodically nominates potential CK members. Join us to find out more!

Training Program

The American Virtual training program is a multiple-step program that ensures the quality and excellence of AAVA pilots on the Expert Server. To be admitted into this program, you can either request it via a staff member or be selected by staff members due to behavior on the Expert Server. While within this program, you may not log any AAVA flights, meaning you’ll be exempt from inactivity checks. You’ll be given a set of PowerPoints and Quizzes, that’ll expand your knowledge and ensure that you learn the ins-and-outs of the Expert Server. Our Training Director is the head of this program, any questions that you may have regarding our Training Program can be directed towards him.


American Virtual hosts a multitude of events each month. The majority of these will be internal, however, we will host 1 event for the community once every 1-2 months. Our events are fun-filled, unique, and various, while interacting with fellow AAVA pilots and exploring all corners of the world. Events usually come with a 2x time and 2x miles, however, we’ve recently implemented a program that allows pilots to use higher multipliers based on the number of events they’ve attended in a row. You can view the spreadsheet here!

Promotional Video

This video features our stunning aircraft, amazing destinations, and welcoming community. @Dylan_Bright spent tons of time (hours!!) editing and producing this video for us, so a huge thank you to him. You can watch the video via the link here!

Our Hubs

Primary Hubs

KDFW - Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport
KCLT - Charlotte Douglas International Airport
KORD - Chicago O’Hare International Airport
*KMIA - Miami International Aiport

Secondary Hubs

*KJFK - New York John F. Kennedy International Airport
KPHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
KDCA - Ronald Reagan International Airport
KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport
KPHL - Philadelphia International Airport
KLGA - New York LaGuardia Airport


Pilots stationed at the hubs of
KMIA and KJFK will have the
ability to fly to/from nearby
airports, even though the other
airport isn’t necessarily their hub.

JFK - will include LGA and EWR
MIA - will include FLL and PBI

Therefore, if you are stationed at
MIA, you may fly to/from KPBI or
KFLL without any hub restrictions.
This means that you could fly
routes to/from KFLL or KPBI.

Our Fleet

A320-200 (A320)
A321-200 (A321)

B737-800 (B738)
B757-200 (B752)
B767-300 (B763)
B777-200 (B772)
B777-300 (B77W)
B787-9 (B789)

CRJ-200 (CRJ2)
CRJ-700 (CRJ7)
CRJ-900 (CRJ9)

ERJ-175 (U.S. Airways // E175)

McDonnell Douglas

Our pilots also have access to 54 codeshare aircraft

Our Ranks

New Hire: 0-15 hours
Permitted to fly CRJ2/CRJ7/CRJ9, E175

First Officer: 15-50 hours
Permitted to fly the B738, A320, and all previous aircraft

Senior First Officer: 50-100 hours
Permitted to fly the A321 and all previous aircraft

Captain: 100-140 hours
Permitted to fly the B752, B763, and all previous aircraft

Senior Captain: 140-200 hours
Permitted to fly the B772 and all previous aircraft

Commander: 200-300 hours
Permitted to fly the B77W and all previous aircraft

Senior Commander: 300+ hours
Permitted to fly the B789, MD-11, and all previous aircraft


All American Virtual Partnerships exist between VAs within IF, offering stunning events with all of our partners. Below you can find a list of our partners and some more information!

British Airways Virtual Airlines

Codeshare Routes: 220
Codeshare Aircraft: 12
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: BAVA

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Codeshare Routes: 36
Codeshare Aircraft: 4
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: CXVA

Iberia Virtual Airlines

Codeshare Routes: 183
Codeshare Aircraft: 6
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: IBVA

Finnair Virtual

Codeshare Routes: 28
Codeshare Aircraft: 5
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: FAVA

Japan Virtual Airlines

Codeshare Routes: 92
Codeshare Aircraft: 5
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: JVA

Alaska Virtual Airline

Codeshare Routes: 32
Codeshare Aircraft: 4
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: ASVA

Qantas Virtual Group

Codeshare Routes: 58
Codeshare Aircraft: 7
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: QVG

Qatar Airways Virtual

Codeshare Routes: N/A at this time
Codeshare Aircraft: N/A at this time
Partnered Events: Yes
IFC Thread: QRV

China Southern Virtual

Codeshare Routes: 66
Codeshare Aircraft: 5
Partnered Events: Not at this time, CZVA isn’t currently active
IFC Thread: N/A


Awesome job @AmericanVirtual

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Proud to be one of AAVA’s top pilots and what a great job by Collin and the rest of the staff team! Loving the new website and thread :)


Also, what are your ranks?? I’m thinking about joining


@MJP_27, we’d love for you to apply once you turn 14!

@CPT_Colorado, look under the “Our Ranks” dropdown

Thanks to all of you for your kind words!



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Amazing thread American Virtual


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Stunning thread AND website, AAVA team! Congratulations on the little refresh here 🙂


The American Virtual staff team has spent the last month on a project to completely overhaul our current mainline route database. Therefore, we’re extremely excited to announce that our database has grown to nearly 10,000 route numbers, all of the new routes have been added and will now be available both on our AirTable and CrewCenter! This project has been long overdue and we will continue to update the newly added routes to our database. It’s time to explore!

Apply Here!




Just applied and got 75/100 on the test. Did I pass?

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A staff member will contact you soon. Thanks for your patience!

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