American Virtual FNF Flash Flight // @ KADW - 312300ZAUG18


Since this FNF revolves around military operations, we are going to fly from KADW-KVAD in the American Airlines 737-800 on the expert server. I do ask if you attend to change your display name to “Thanks-For-Service”. This shows all of our veterans around the world and those currently serving, who are flying on Infinite Flight right now, some love and appreciation.

About Us

Interested in the VA? Check out our thread which is linked below, and if you want to join, hit apply now!

Flight Details
-Expert Server
-Departing At 2300Z
-AA B737-800
-230 KIAS Under 10k
-325 KIAS Over 10k
-Cruise Is FL250
-Climb Rate Is 2500
-Descent Rate Is 2000

Departing at 7 PM EST! Sign Up Quick!

To sign up, please format it like so…

Name // Callsign // Requested Gate

Staff Gates Have Already Been Decided.
East Ramp A:
East Ramp C:
East Ramp E: Maverick1000 // AAVA0272
East Ramp H: Jetski // AAVA2749
East Ramp J: Dan Beavers / AAVA 372
East Ramp O:
East Ramp Q:
East Ramp U
East Ramp W:
ANG Apron A:
ANG Apron C:
ANG Apron E:

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I recommend making the event date at least two weeks before the start, to give people time to sign up.

Because the event starts in 8 minutes no one will have time to sign up.

Hi, this is a flash flight. Hence the name, “flash flight.” Please make sure you read through the event purpose, details and everything else before commenting. Thanks!


If I can still join i’ll be happy to join.

We are departing now! Spawn in and copy @American787 's flight plan (AAVA2631)