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Our airline is still a new virtual airline, as we are only 3 and a half months old. The airline was founded with the idea that it would help bring pilots all over the IFC together. In addition to that the goal was to get American Airlines Virtual back up on the IFVARB Database.

American Virtual’s executive and staff team, led by Chris Hoover has been hard at work ever since the airline was founded. For the past month of February and March however, the staff has been working extra hard to overhaul the VA. Here are the features of this brand new version of American Virtual!
-New website and crew center
-Multiple changes regarding flight operations
-Realistic flight cancellations (due to weather or other reasons)
-Flight school
-In flight entertainment
-More frequent events

This overhaul is a complete game changer and I hope all of our pilots and future pilots will enjoy it.


Upper Management
President: Chris Hoover @Chris_Hoover
Vice President: Bobby Klesch @Bobby
Chief Operating Officer: Dillon Greene @N1DG
Senior Advisor: Bobo @bobo2345

Route Manager: Mathew @TwinsRock88
Tech Manager: Shadow Outlaw @ShadowOutlaw
Media Manager: Plane Masta @Plane_Masta

Ranks and Aircraft

Rank 1 (New Hire) Can fly the AA Airbus A319, AA A320 and the AA CRJ-700

Rank 2 (First Officer) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA CRJ-900 and the AA Boeing 737.

Rank 3 (Captain) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Airbus A321 and the AA Boeing 757.

Rank 4 (Senior Captain) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 767.

Rank 5 (Commander) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the Boeing 777 (All AA variants)

Rank 6 (Fleet Commander) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 787.

Like What You See?

Do you like what you see? Well if you do, apply to American Virtual through our website! Just click register and fill out the registration form!

We ask when you go to fill out the form to fill in the following information in the comments section!
-IFC Username

We hope you consider American Virtual as your Virtual airline and we hope to see you on our slack and discourse!

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Is there a new crew center, or is it still the same?

Yes!!! It’s here! Been here with AAVA since just before Christmas when we had to log our flights with google forums😅. I am really happy that I am media manager at this really professional and well thought out VA. Keep it up!


Completely new one, looks much better, as stated in the post


Same site? Because I can’t find the site to the crew center in the post, just the site to the AAVA website itself.

@Chris_Hoover how’s IFE gonna work?

The site is the crew center ;)

Well we have a website with some videos, movies, articles and we are actually coding a game to go along with it!


The IFE Is a separate website that will be released shortly.


So our current crew center is no longer valid?

Please see the slack announcement and if you have any questions PM me :)


I am a current pilot.

Then in the comments section of the registration, say that you are a current pilot along with your callsign

Well I registered tonight not sure if I am a ‘current’ pilot, however I have already received my callsign.

I was in the VA before the website was redone and the discord server, what can I do?

What about the A321? It doesn’t show in the thread. Otherwise, looks great!

I dot think we ever had a discord server? We have a community called discourse? If you are still an active pilot at AAVA than just go to the website and fill out a new pilot reg form and in the remarks put your a current pilot

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Thanks! I must’ve forgot to add it. Bad me haha


Looks great Chris! Currently upgrading UVA to VAM as well. Hopefully will be done shortly. Congrats on your revamp, and good luck! :)


Thanks Jake! Glad to see UVA is joining the VAM community :)

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