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Introducing The All New American Virtual

~Where We Are Always Going For Great~

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Here at American Virtual, we strive to provide pilots with the best Virtual Airline experience possible.

As soon as you join our slack you instantly become apart of the family that American Virtual’s staff and pilots are.

American Virtual is a VA for the pilots, meaning we do things based on what the pilots request! If the pilots want something added or taken away, you can expect our staff to take the measures to do so.

If you like what you see, read on to find out more about us!


American Virtual was founded in November of 2017 by Chris Hoover, along with Bobby Klesch and Dillon Greene. As soon as the doors opened, the VA thrived. With over 20 applicants per week, the VA became one of the largest known to Infinite Flight with 138 members by New Years of 2018.

It was in March of 2018 that things took a wrong turn. American Virtual closed in late March, due to circumstances that will be kept confidential.

However, now American Virtual is back! We can promise all pilots and future pilots that this VA will not go down the dark path it did in the past.

So, that’s a little bit about our past. Let’s come back now into the present!


Our staff team is here 24/7 to ensure that everything in the VA is going swell. We are also here all the time to interact with all of our pilots. Whether they have questions, concerns, requests, complaints or they just want to talk, we are here to listen!

Executive Team
President: Bobby Klesch // @Chris_Hoover
Deputy President: Chris Hoover // @Bobby
Head Of Operations: Mathew // @TwinsRock88
Chief Of Staff: Shadow Outlaw // @ShadowOutlaw

Managers/Other Positions
Recruitment Manager: Andrew Wu // @AndrewWu
Projects Manager: Plane Masta // @Plane_Masta


American Virtual offers many services to fit all of your Virtual Airline necessities.

A Professional Crew Center

American Virtual has a very good looking and organized crew center for pilots. It is the crew center where pilots have their own pilot profile, the ability to book routes, log flights and more!

Multiple Ranks and A Large Fleet

American Virtual operates 11 aircraft and has 7 different ranks to achieve. Check out our ranks and their corresponding aircraft below.

Rank 1 (New Hire) Can fly the AA Embraer 175, CRJ-700, CRJ-900 (When it is released) This rank is earned at 0 hours.

Rank 2 (First Officer) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA A320 and the AA Boeing 737. This rank is earned at 10 hours.

Rank 3 (Senior First Officer: Gold Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Airbus A321. This rank is earned at 25 hours.

Rank 4 (Captain) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 757. This rank is earned at 40 hours.

Rank 5 (Senior Captain: Platinum Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 767. This rank is earned at 60 hours.

Rank 6 (Commander: Platinum Pro Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 777. This rank is earned at 125 hours.

Rank 7 (Fleet Commander: Executive Platinum Member) Can fly previously certified aircraft in addition to the AA Boeing 787. This rank is earned at 210 hours.

Pilot Rewards Program

We also offer a pilots rewards program with many benefits! The purpose of this rewards program is to give our pilots a reason to fly! Without a reason to fly, things can get boring real quick. Here’s a brief overview of our rewards system.

Gold Member
Earned at 25 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.1 (hours), gate priority 4th in events

Platinum Member
Earned at 60 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.25 (hours), gate priority 3rd in events

Platinum Pro Member
Earned at 125 hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 1.5 (hours), gate priority 2nd in events, feature request priority

Executive Platinum Member
Earned at 210 Hours // Benefits include 1 flight per week multiplied by 2.0 (hours), gate priority 1st in events, feature request priority, ability to earn highest awards

A Warm Enviornment

As said above, we always are providing a warm environment for our pilots. We communicate using slack as well as a discourse like this one! Which makes us one of the only VAs to use a discourse alongside a slack.

Realistic Cancellations

One other thing we do at American Virtual is make realistic cancellations due to current weather conditions at airports and/or if there is something that causes certain flights to be canceled/diverted.


Finally we provide an Instagram for all of our pilots as well as community members to follow! The Instagram will have announcements about the VA, pictures of and from flights as well as news about flight cancellations. Follow us @american.virtual


American Virtual has a few partnerships and is involved in one alliance. Check them out below!


Alaskan Airlines Virtual Group

~Alaskan Airlines Virtual Group @Dashsolpher1 ~
The Alaskan and American Virtual partnership is a codeshare agreement between Alaska Virtual and American Virtual, allowing each airlines pilots to fly each other’s aircraft, liveries and routes. The partnership runs on the motto, “Better, together.” A simple but meaningful motto for a great partnership.

Alaska Air Group Virtual | Main Thread | #More to Love | #AAGV | American-Alaska Partnership Annoucement!


One World Virtual Alliance

~The One World Virtual Alliance~

The One World Virtual Alliance was created with a goal to bring multiple VAs together, as well as create multiple codeshare agreements, allowing pilots of the participating VAs to fly other aircrafts/liveries other than what their VA typically flies.

One World Virtual Alliance


Like what you have read above? If so, then this VA is the right one for you! To get started with us, simply click apply now! Ond of our staff members will contact you via PM on the IFC regarding your application and the next steps to take after your application has been accepted. Note: All pilots must take an entry test. This is to ensure that all of our pilots can fly professionally and know how to fly on the expert server.

Apply Now

We here at American Virtual thank you for considering us! If your just reading along, we hope this thread covered everything you need to know about us! We hope to see you in our slack soon.


Once again we thank you all for reading to find out more about us! We hope you consider joining, and whether or not you are joining, we shall see you all up above the clouds!


I dont know if you are aware of this, but all of your banners say “Anerican Virtual” instead of “American Virtual”. :)


Glad to see you guys back. Great job Chris! See you in the skies!


Can’t wait to join this awesome VA, great job Chris! :)


We are glad to be back too! See you up there!


Woohoo! Awesome to have AAVA back! Great job guys!


Beautiful thread guys! So excited that you’re all back up!


I am happy that we are finally open and ready to provide pilots with the best experience possible! With new Pilot Awards and benefits and a route database that surpases 1100 routes!


As the Vice President for American Virtual, I am elated that we’re open again! We have some amazing features and benefits for all our pilots and lots of cool things to come! :)


Wait… did I read that correctly? 1100 Routes?!? Wow.


Yes you did read it correctly! We have been upgrading our database completely!


Welcome back American @Chris_Hoover


Wow, that’s a ton. Congrats!


Took us a few days to complete… but yes, we have a great number of routes! And possibly more to come, of course! :)


Welcome back to AAVA IFC! On behalf of he HOO, myself, we hope you enjoy the American Virtual Journey and the privelages we have added recently. Oh yes by the way. 1119 routes to be exact ;)


A few days? Wow. We need to step up our game over here at UVA. Let’s get to work boys! @Jshnlsn @Delta_Alpha_Lima @AIDoLS @Cole_Collins @William_Armstrong @Matt737


Nice to see things have turned around and gone for the better for American, you gentlemen need to keep striving for the better and not let anything stop you. You guys must work as a team, and keep ”Going for Great”. In order to have a successful buisness you must be able to cooperate with eachother and have a strong healthy bond in order to work to make things for the better.

I hope to see this VA keep going for great, and keep rising upwards and not let anything spiral downwards. I congratulate you guys, Hoover, Bobby, and the rest to keep striving for the best.

I have high expectations for this Virtual Airline.

Onwards and Upwards,
Warm Regards,


Glad to see American Virtual is up and running again!


Thanks Chief! Your words mean so much :)


I want you to turn this into something great, so any words of encouragement would be something you must take to the heart. :)