American to cut 83,000 Flights

Image Credit: American Airlines

Today AA announced that it will slash 83,000 flights because of the lack of cash it is having (thanks covid)it will not cut destinations just reduced frequencys.
the Airline is right now hoping that more money will come from DC so it does not have to slash more flights and hopefully bring some flights back
American airlines has been operating since the 1930s and are in the biggest flight for survival out of any of the US airlines. By their current situation and no money likely. This was the right decision.
Now AA has to decide to lay off more people or keep the staff like it is right now

The Dallas Morning News


This would be huge news, but do you have a source to support your claim?

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Err… 85,000?

@GreenFire @Ishrion @Joseph_Krol I have fixed it to include accurate information with a source attached

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Yes this is Huge news

So, how long of a period will this last?

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For confused people (I was before) they are not cutting any destinations, just flights. For example, if there is a route with two daily flights, maybe now there will only be one. Basically it means that American Airlines planes will fly 83,000 less times in the coming months than expected.

This has been in the DFW news since it came out back in Sept. I think Southwest announced today is talking furloughs for the first time in 50 years. Definitely not a good time to be in aviation.

On a side note I flew American at the beginning of September and the flight was full on both legs to Columbus.


Can you cite another source? That one is asking me for a subscription to read the article

Currently it says October

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Some destinations have already been cut

No this is the only source I have. I put this on as soon I read the paper and saw this

If Southwest is struggling, its gotta be bad…

(They had a 47 year streak of being profitable)

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American pretty much decimated its November international schedule for resuming routes.

These are some routes that recently got delayed from October/November into later months or even into next year:

  • DFW to Hong Kong
  • DFW to Shanghai
  • DFW to Tokyo Haneda
  • Los Angeles to London
  • PHX to London
  • RDU to London
  • BOS to London
  • PHL to London
  • PHL to Madrid
  • DFW to Dublin
  • CLT to Munich
  • JFK to Paris

Frequencies were reduced too, AA’s DFW-LHR was supposed to run 3-4 daily in November but it’s been cut to 1x daily.

Although, AA is bringing back both Miami to Montevideo and Los Angeles to Sydney earlier to November instead of December/March respectively.


Not saying it’s not true but if this is the only source you find and it requires a subscription to read it then…

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I am sorry that is asks you. It does not ask me. Idk why this happens but you might be able to go to wallgreens and get a copy of today’s paper. It is on page 3B

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Right. I dont live in Dallas so I dont think my news would report something like this so…

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I always thought Arkansas carried the Dallas morning news there. I thought when we went to Northwest Arkansas we got the Dallas morning news at a wallgreens there

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Yes they are cutting flights but putting them on more popular routes

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To calm your nerves here are some more sources with a simple google search.


Chicago Tribune