American Swag

After losing 3 screenshot competitions in a row (Inclusing mine 😂) I need to step up my game so enjoy these photos


[Fly this route ‘cause it’s underrated]
Flight time: 3 hours 14 minutes
Airline: ‘merican
Aircraft: 738

Final photo

Tell me if I over-edited something or things I can work better on.


Nice shots

And u said swag in 2021. Oh my, yes I am a boomer 😏😏😂

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Nice pictures! Also, if you want feedback, here’s what I think… I feel that you’re adding a little too much contrast or shadows, and that you’re over exposing a bit. This advice applies to shot #3 the most. This is just what I think and I’m not a pro editor, so maybe what I said made no sense…