American Southeast ops @ CLT!

You can finally say that I’ve flown a livery that I haven’t flown in years for the first time. Yes, I can’t remember when I’ve flown the American Airlines chrome livery since the 757s came out some time ago… but I will tell you that this is the first recorded flight with it!

American Airlines southeast operations was the theme for this Wednesday. American Airlines has hubs such as Charlotte and Miami for SE OPS. For today, I went with a simple long intercontinental flight from CLT to SEA just to log the hours and XP!

Departure Airport: Charlotte Douglas (KCLT)

Arrival Airport: Seattle Tacoma (KSEA)

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (American Airlines)

Duration: 5 hours

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot 10:37AM CST Chicago.

Photo edited with Lightroom. Fully complies with the new photo rule.