American Skywest Callsign Missing

Hey guys

I saw a topic a while ago where someone noticed a missing callsign and Cameron just put it in real quick. I hate to bother anybody, but I noticed that the Skywest callsign is missing. I don’t know if this is worth a feature request, but I also would like it to be added.



Good choice of airport departure 😏


Thanks lol. I’ll be doing it right now on TS.

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Have you departed yet?

Not yet

I don’t know all the SkyWest callsigns sound the same so does it really matter?

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Hey @anon38496261! I’m surprised how it’s missing.

You can create a topic in #features, I think we don’t currently have any requests for the callsign identifier… so you can go ahead!


I don’t see any Skywest callsigns is the thing

Delta operates SkyWest, try that

I am quite sure they exist in United or Delta, you can check

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Oh okay. I might try that. Didn’t realize that lol.

Still would be cool to have the American one (it sounds the same but it should be next to American)

This isn’t something that needs votes or a request to get added, the livery is in the game therefore it was a mistake to not have it included. It wouldn’t take much to add it.

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Many people have requested callsign additions in features before & they have been added. It never harmed anyone to request a #features, did it?

Nope. But it’s not something to waste votes on. A number of years ago, many callsigns were missing and people worked together to get the omissions added.

Edit: the devs/staff just need to be notified, that’s all. They’ll add it without a request as it’s something that was clearly overlooked and should already exist in IF.

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Yeah, but at least with a request, it’ll be present & won’t go unnoticed.
And if you think it’s a waste of a vote, then don’t vote. Simple.

That’s all I’ll answer now. Leaving the thread back to topic.

I would say this is better.
A topic in #general made a wiki.


Couldn’t a dev just add it and all it required was an app restart? Cameron did it a little while ago with someones callsign request just curious if it can happen again

Someone told me I can just PM Cameron. He did that for some callsigns in 20.1

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Skywest can be found under the United Express section. You’ll also notice American Airlines - Mesa Airlines (Air Shuttle) is missing as well but its under United Express as well. 🤷🏼‍♂️

If the company flies for both airlines such as Skywest and Mesa, you’re bound to find it in the other mainline carrier if you can’t find it in the other.


Thanks for the tip. I found a United one and I’m using that. I wasn’t aware they existed yet.