American Samoa to Hawaii

Just ocean one this route with mountains.
No editing.


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4:59
Airline: Hawaiian
Aircraft: 767-300ER
Route: NSTU - PHNL

Lining Up Runway 05image

V1, Rotate!

Goodbye, American Samoa!

Flying Over the Pacific

Land Ho!

Short Final 08L


Parked Next to an Aeroflot 777-300ER

Thanks for taking the time to look at these pictures!

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Good job mate keep up the great pictures 😊

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Thanks mate!


Nice photos! I was thinking about flying this route In the opposite direction, did you have a lot of tailwinds? And what was your cruise speed

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Awesome photos! Love the 767!

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ur a elite for flying the 767 in the state it is right now


Great photos the 767 is 😍

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So confused by the cockpit instruments there showing a turn…

Great pictures with a lovely scenery and a really cool sunset. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you everyone for the nice comments! It’s the first time I’ve flew the 767, but I really liked it!

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