American retires the Super 80 (MD80) In one day [20]

Today, American Airlines retired their MD80’s. They retired them to make room for more modern aircraft. They retired some of them to Roswell, where they will be scrapped.

(source: google images)

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And there goes the last vestige of an old airliner era.

I’ll miss the old bird.


Good thing I took a picure of every md-80 variant AAL has.


There’s a ton of mad dogs at DFW

Picture taken: 4ish hours ago


AA major hub! 🙂

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I remember being at DFW and seeing a ton of these. It’s sad to see them go.

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It looks better compared to the 319 beside it. More magestic I’d say


I will miss the MD80. I fly it almost every week from San Antonio to Dallas. The 319 is nice with the entertainment system but the seats are horrible plus less 1st class seating. The MD80 landings have been smooth and quiet. I know they get horrible fuel efficiency.

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I don’t believe they retired all of them. Only the 20.


They’re retiring them one by one.

MaxSez: Never trusted the. "T"Tail but the 80’s hull loss is impressive:

Measured by accident data alone, the MD-80 is considered to be one of the safest planes in the sky. According to Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the plane has a fatal hull loss rate — meaning a crash involving fatalities — of 0.34 per one million departures, and an overall hull-loss, or crash, rate of 0.52 per million departures.
By comparison, the average record for all commercial jets is 0.89 fatal hull losses per million departures, and an overall rate of 1.64 hul (NYTimes)

To be honest, I have never really been fond of the MD80. Still kinda sad to see them go.

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Was the MD80 the one that had the “jack screw” issue from the 90’s if I remember correctly? Or was that something similar?

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Yep! It was on an Alaska Airlines MD-80. It wasn’t greased properly, and failed. An amazing jet, besides that incident.

Guys there are still like 60 left…they didn’t retire all of them

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Finally. It’s sad to see an aircraft go bust it’s just so damn old and uncomfortable

They’re not all retired. They just retired 20 today. They will exist in limited numbers until the end of 2017.

what wil they now fly from KORD yo KPSP? They were using MD88

If I could buy one, I totally would.


@Chris_S. The infamous jackscrew. Alaska 261 Jan 2000. Was a MD-83 a spin of the the 80 both where TTails originally designed by McDonald-Dougles.
@Sam_S. Had the maintained failure Right. Max Sends