American Pride Group Flight - Here's To The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home - @ KADW 211700ZJUN19 EVENT CANCLED

  • Boeing VC25(AF1), F-14, Boeing C17(globe master):

  • KADW-KJFK( the full route will be given at the gate)*

  • **Friday @1700Z/1:00EST **

  • training:

    • I am making this event to raise awareness to the soldiers of the USA, I have noticed that people have been giving a lot of support to people coming out and calling them hero’s… I will be giving support to my hero’s the soldiers, police and firefighters who keep my country safe image
      Also there can only be one AF1 and one C17 so whoever asks for it first in the thread will get to fly it :**

Gate assignments will be given in a PM
List of attendees
@BadPlane VC-25 (AF1)
@DiamondGaming4 C17
@Ur_Friendly_Approach F14


I will take the AF1

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Sign up here!

Fixed your title.

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Id love to join to support those who served our country! Any gate in a C-17 please!

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@BadPlane got u in the VC-25
@DiamondGaming4 got u in the C17
Thanks for supporting

Has this already passed?

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No it haven’t it’s this Friday

Can I fly F14

Me fly F14

How long is this flight?

An hour or less

Your in…

yesss. Woo hoo this will be fun

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Its a great thing to honour the people that keep us safe. Not only people in America but Diplomats all over the World.😀

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You should all to the GAF about sponsering

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I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. But if I can I’ll show up

Wow what a great thing to do keep up the good work