American Patrol | Warbirds at Chino Airport (KCNO)

Hey IFC! Yesterday I went out into the Inland Empire to visit the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino Airport. The airport, like many SoCal airports, was used as a base for Warbirds during World War II. The airport has many aircraft and most of them on display in the hangars are still airworthy and fly! (Except for their boneyard. Those are in the process of being restored or aren’t airworthy).

I originally went to see the TBM Avenger fly around the airport. They had almost 10,000 of these birds produced during the war and they were used as Torpedo Bombers in the Pacific.

Gonna start out the topic with some 'MURICAN pride 🇺🇸 hung up in one of the hangars

A B-17 which is open to visitors and was delivered 1 day before the end of WWII so it never fought, but instead as used for surveillance flying.

Inside the B-17 Flying Fortress. Bombs Away!

The P-38 Lightning sitting inside a hangar

Many F-6s and F-8s

I spy Snoopy

The entire point of today’s trip out to Chino: The TBM Avenger stretching its wings

Cessna painted in the traditional Army Green


What happened to the mustang :(

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Didn’t make the pictures 😂
I had a lot that didn’t make it

Oh yeah forgot to mention:
There are about 4 InterJet A320s just sitting at Chino 😂

Looks so nice I’m going to try and check it out this weekend. You should visit Plant 42 museum, or the Edwards AFB museum

Yeah I plan on going to Dayton this Summer to see their Museum. Supposed to be really cool
There are so many tho 😂


Yes exactly

You ever been to the Wright-Patterson AFB museum?

No I have not actually
Where is it? Idk where the base is lol

Ohio… near Dayton area. It is the largest And oldest military Aviation museum in the world.

Huh interesting I’ll have to look

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