American Normal @ KLAX - 230800ZJAN20

American Airlines: Boeing 737

Route: KLAX - KSFO

Departure Time (ZULU): 08:00Z

Server: Casual Server

This is a fun Flyout where we fly from Los Angeles to SAN Fransisco which is only 1hr. We depart from runway 25R and fly west and then we turn North West and after 1hr, we land at runway 28L in KSFO

Our flight plan: KLAX, FEKIL, RAFFS, HEMAN, IGUKE, R1127, KSFO

This is not affiliated with any VA/VO
No gates are requested

I hope you join me on this exciting group flight!

I encourage everyone to join, this is for fun!

Reply to this topic if you wish to join!

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