American (New) 767-300 ER


Realism doesn’t have a time stamp!

As a champion of ultra-realistic flying, I do see your point about liveries that never/have not yet existed (Delta’s B788, Emirates & United’s A350s) but getting rid of old aircraft just doesn’t make sense.

Clearly, it’s not just about keeping up with in-real-life realism, but also about accepting what once was and respecting the history that has got us here.

In my opinion, getting rid of old aircraft or not adding retired aircraft simply because they are no long used is short-sighted and ultimately egotistical towards modern aviation, one of the many problems with contemporary aviation enthusiasts.

Just my 2 cents though!

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Im not saying we get rid of older aircraft but why would we add new liveries when there not using them anymore. Add airlines liveries to which are still used.

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I mean the AA 767 was a aircraft American had for a long time and its still in the game why remove it… same thing with Delta 787 and United A359/Emirates same thing can be applied to Transaero A380. These planes either existed/wont exist/or either are on order or were. I dont see this as a waste of space it actually helps an aircraft be more out there. The more liveries the better.


It is important to rework because I can’t land it smoothly


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