American (New) 767-300 ER

Hello IFC, this is my first post in the #features category!

I would like to request the new livery 767 for American airlines. AA has had the 767 since it came out and just retired it Because of COVID. The last AA 767 I have seen came up on flight radar 24 and it was repainted but it had the AA liverty on the rudder.

Here is a picture

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Aviation 2929

I know if this would come out it would make @AmericanVirtual very happy if it came out

This would prolly come with a rework if they do it.


I checked and there is no other topic about this

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Ok. But this would still problem come with a 767 rework. But idk lol

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This livery + aircraft is one of my favourite so far.

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Same, and thank you for your vote!!!

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Thank you for your vote @Josh_Smith

I like it

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I had seen one of these awesome planes 2 days before it’s retirement. It’s sad to see them leave.


Indeed. I miss the sound of the bird roaring over my place In the middle of the night. Same with the Super 80

I really like this livery. I thought there was another feature request for this

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Sadly I will not be voting for a plane that is retired. Although I love AA since this plane wouldnt be current of IF or IRL witch would make the game unrealistic and a wast of space where we could have a more legit more current livery.



So practically around ¼ of the liveries are unrealistic just because they aren’t used anymore? If it was a livery on an aircraft that the livery/airline in question didn’t use, fair enough I wouldn’t be a fan of that and wouldn’t call it realistic.

I guess in a few years the Boeing 747 will be an ‘unrealistic’ aircraft to use in game.

People can fly in any timestamp they want, there were still real routes and forever will be.

Also not going to lie, I like the newer AA livery, I can’t stand the old one IMO. 😅 I’ll put down a vote here, hopefully it can be seen someday with a rework!


I would love this livery with a 767 rework!

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I checked and there was not

Oh ok. Surprised about that. If I vote clears up sooner. Second feature in line to vote for.

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Looks cool! I’m not American, but love AA and Delta, so you got my vote!

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Thank you very much

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Having American’s 767-300ER with the new livery in IF would be cool. You can realistically access some of American’s cut routes such as Philadelphia to Berlin, Budapest, and Dubrovnik.

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Other airlines will for sure buy the 747 and probably cargo company’s this would not be unrealistic. If you ever fly on expert server you will more than likely will only see realistic planes. Why would we add somthing that is aready outdated. It already being in the game is very different than adding a new one.