American Mountain Flying: Colorado, USA @ KASE - 051900ZAPR20

IFHUB Presents...

American Mountain Flying

Welcome to the Mountains. Today, we will be flying around 5 airports in the US State of Colorado.


Aspen-Pitkin (KASE) HUB

Grand Junction Walker Field (KGJT)

Telluride Regional (KTEX)

Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC)

Eagle County Regional (KEGE)

Main Event Details

Event Hours:


Server: Training

Aircraft: X-Cub / Cessna 172 / TBM-930

Aspen Airport (KASE)

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, also known as Sardy Field, is a county-owned public-use airport located three nautical miles northwest of the central business district of Aspen, in Pitkin County, Colorado, United States. You may not directly fly to Eagle from Aspen.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Terminal Gates not Included as event aircraft are not allowed to be parked at a terminal.

Gate Assignments
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Ramp GA 50 Daher TBM-930 KGJT @rebal15
Ramp GA 51 Daher TBM-930 KTEX @BennyBoy007
Ramp GA 52 Dasher TBM-930 KTEX @Abbasbeloved
Ramp GA 53 Available
Ramp GA 54 Available
Ramp GA 55 Available
Ramp GA 56 Available
Ramp GA 57 Available
Ramp GA 58 Available
Ramp GA 59 Available
Ramp GA 60 Available
Ramp GA 61 Available

More gates to be added in future

Grand Junction

Grand Junction Regional Airport is three miles northeast of Grand Junction, in Mesa County, Colorado. Owned by the Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority, it is the largest airport in western Colorado and third largest in the state, behind Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport. It is also the largest aircraft in the event.


Due to limited gate space, Grand Junction will not assign gates and aircraft should arrive inbound.

Telluride Airport

Telluride Regional Airport is a public airport six miles west of Telluride, in San Miguel County, Colorado. It is owned by the Telluride Regional Airport Authority. It has been voted as the most dangerous airport in the United States. This airport has extreme terrain and all aircraft must proceed with caution. This is the only airport on this list that is uncontrolled.

Gate Assignments
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA Main Apron 01 Empty
GA Main Apron 02 Empty
GA Main Apron 03 Empty
GA Main Apron 04 Empty
GA Main Apron 05 Empty
GA Main Apron 06 Empty
GA Main Apron 07 Empty
GA Main Apron 08 Empty
GA Main Apron 09 Empty
GA Main Apron 10 Empty
GA Main Apron 11 Empty
GA Main Apron 12 Empty
GA Main Apron 13 Empty
GA Main Apron 14 Empty
GA Main Apron 15 Empty
GA Main Apron 16 Empty

Rocky Mountain Metro

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is a public-use airport located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States. The airport is owned and operated by Jefferson County and is situated midway between Denver and Boulder on U.S. Highway 36.

Gate Assignments
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA 01 Empty
GA 02 Empty
GA 03 Empty
GA 04 Empty
GA 05 Empty
GA 06 Empty
GA 07 Empty

Eagle County Regional

Eagle County Regional Airport is in Gypsum, Colorado, 4 miles from Eagle and 37 miles from Vail. It covers 632 acres and has one runway.

NOTAM: No flying to Aspen directly.

Gate Assignments
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA 01 Empty
GA 02 Empty
GA 03 Empty
GA 04 Empty
GA 05 Empty
GA 06 Empty
GA 07 Empty
GA 08 Empty
GA 09 Empty

Closing Remarks

Thank you for checking out this event. This event is made on behalf of IFHUB by our amazing Events Manager @TRDubh! If you wish to join, please see below:


We are looking to bring pilots and controllers together from all over the world, and unify them. We look to bring out the best in both pilots and controllers, by having them fulfil their potential. We look to do this by having training to all of our members, whether they like to fly the skies or control them. We aim to be able to hold large scale events, which bring both fun and unity to the community.

-@rebal15 (IFHUB CEO)
To join IFHUB, check out the following;

@KGJT-9149 you’re gonna love that.


@Tsumia Indeed he will 😂

@KGJT-9149 home at last… 😂


Ramp GA 51
Destination KGJT
Daher TBM-930

Can’t wait to have another event with you!!!


Sorry I meant destination telluride

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Done! Looking forward to it too!


Let’s gooooo!!

I am disappointed that there is only 3 start locations at GJT in IF. IRL there are like 30+ GA stands/tie downs, 3 cargo gates, an FBO, 6 passenger gates and a few stands for the forest service as well as some military start points and hangars south of the GA stands.

@rebal15 If I am allowed to this I would like to start at KRIL and fly into some of these other airports that the event is taking place at. I’ll be in an XCub or C172.

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That’s fine! Which one would you like to fly to?

I’ll start by going to GJT. Once I land there im judt going to fly around to the other airports on the list if thats ok.

I noticed that the picture that you have for the event was taken over KRIL. In real life you can see the neighborhood where I live from there.

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Are you gonna go from Aspen or one of the others? I’ll put you down in a gate there.

Just under 3 weeks until the event!


2 weeks to go everyone!

A ramp spot for my TBM-930, plz 😎
Destination: Telluride
Thanks 🛬🛫


So sorry that i dont think im able to join you this time.
Will definitely fly with you guys in the near future🌄
Best wish to your event 🛬🛫

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I am actually hyped for this event considering the location however there is a pretty good chance that I will not be coming because I will be back country snowboarding (The one of few times GJT is featured in an event >:| ). Looking at how this event is planned out has inspired what I will do for my next event.

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Only 3 days to go!

So the gate availability number is the same for KGJT and KTEX?? I’d like to go to both airports, also why is the server on training and not expert? Thx

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I will be here in a C172 from KBJC to KASE !
I will take gate GA 01 at KBJC please

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