So. First off I was very tired and I didn’t get as much footage as I should have because I didn’t get a window seat. Ya!
Also this flight happened a while back in the beginning of the month.

Here’s the MD-80 at KIND. I love the older American livery personally.

The flight went well and I got 0 hours of sleep! I love the engine sounds though, very nice. KDFW would have had a “red” marker in IF because I could barely see the edge of the wing it was so cloudy. I felt like on final the plane was stuck in an endless vortex, engines spool up and down. But after what seemed like a while we touched down in rainy KDFW.
As an ultra budget flyer I was in the very back and I want to point out the configuration, I don’t have an image and I really don’t know how to explain it, but it was pretty cool.

Well that was fun. I mean it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly an MD-80 right? Wait what, there’s more. Darn right there is, here we are parked at KDFW.

The fight to KPNS was much shorter and a bit more enjoyable. For a second during takeoff role, I looked at the engine and was like, why is it off? Then I remembered the MD-80 has those fixed inlet guide vane things in the front. So I relaxed. I just want to point out that the MD-80 was so clearly hand flown, which I enjoyed. Except when the pilot had the great idea thrusting the engines and “nosediving” during the decent. My ears hurt a little but the plane definitely accelerated. You could feel it.
BONUS PIC!! (Final in Pensacola)

I can’t seem to get the landing uploaded but if I can, I will post it as soon as possible!


Wow, great photos!

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I flew KDFW-KIND-KDFW last week on an MD-83! I thought the same thing about the engines not being on lol

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Dat jack-screw, tho…

Cool report! I fly to PNS all the time, usually on Delta from ATL.

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Yes! It can be a little scary. It’s like “is a one engine flight more economical?” lol

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I flew an MD-83 for American around 5 years ago from Charlotte to Knoxville if I remember correctly :)

The flight itself was nice. The problem; I was in the last row and the engine completely covered my window. I had to try and look at the window of the seat in front of us. Great picture of the landing though!

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awesome Report! love that bare metal MD-80!!!

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