American MD-80 With Green Tail/Wings

Ok… so why is the logo visible on the tail?

Because why would you need to cover it in the first place? They just spray a light coat on the moving parts to prevent them from freezing. You know the difference between the rudder and the tail fin right? The rudder is on the back of the tail fin.

Actually you spray the critical surfaces of the aircraft which would be the leading edge of the wings and the wings and the leading edge of the tail and the tail in a whole it self. As seen in the picture, that’s the critical surfaces of the aircraft to prevent drag and containation

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I think it looks sweet, like the AT-ACT’s with the orange cargo holds. I like them.

Well… I concede that you may be right. Article on de-icing and the type 4. I really need to get a life!

But still doesn’t explain why the tail logo wouldn’t be covered as well. Maybe it’s a combo of plane waiting for tail to be painted AND wings deiced with green poop.

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It’s de-icing fluid, and the fluid does come off as the plane takes off. It’s not paint, and plus, American are phasing out their MD-88s, so there’s no need for new parts, just tell your dad, its de-icing fluid, no harm in that


Why does the tail need to be painted?

It’s not a thick sludge, it’s actually see though and reason is so it can peel off easier

This thread made my brain hurt… never realized de-icing fluid was so foreign and unknown 😂😂


I can’t believe that people don’t know what the fluid looks like either…


Because it never snows in Australia.

My friend…There is a wonderful called

I can’t believe people think Type 4 fluid looks like the anti-corrosion coating they use on the assembly lines.

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Well, have I ever wanted to know what de-icing fluid looks like, is the question. Nope… so I haven’t searched it! But now I know what it looks like from searching it up when I saw this topic, out of interest.

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Hey Bruh…I am just trying to help ya out

Well how helpful of you!


Ew it looks horrible

The question was answered by N1RG.

So if you Google type IV Dec ice fluid and click on images you will see…


It’s actually an anti ice fluid. Deice fluid is orange and anti ice is green

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