American MD-80 retirement Date Set

Hello everyone. Today, I have some news on the ongoing MD-80 retirement process.
American Airlines has set the date where all of their MD-80s will be officially retired. (Early 2019) American stated that by the end of this year, there will be only 45 MD-80s out of the original number of 362. This comes weeks after Allegiant Air said that all of their McDonald Douglas aircraft would be retired by 2018. Delta Airlines said that all of their McDonald Douglas aircraft would be retired by 2020. All of these Airlines will be replacing their Md aircraft with the newer Airbus NEOs and Boeing 737 MAXs. In my opinion, this is very sad news because of how beautiful the Md aircraft are. This plane will always be remembered in the skies all over the world. I hope all of you feel the same way on how we are loosing the greatest Md aircraft that has flown the skies in the modern times.
If you want to teams more, go here:
American Sets Retirement Date for MD-80s

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Awwww, I loved those maddogs!

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R. I. P. Mad dogs 😞✈️

747 and the md 80!! Too sad!!!


Aww. Sad days😢😭. The MD 80 family’s legacy will carry on for years to come.

The MDs are iconic but I will not be missing how loud they are compared to everything else up in the air

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That is a good point for people who don’t like loud plane but for me, I did not mind the nice roar of those engines.

And with the Bombardier CSeries ;) 🇨🇦


I am excited for this honestly! The older aircraft are, well, old. I am excited to see NEOs and hopefully MAXes or even CS in St. Louis.

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About time the MD-80’s got retired. Looking good to see American doing some aircraft replacements.

I think its the E2 series been seeing a lot with American tags on them in LAX

Spelt it wrong 😜
But the mad dog is just to good to go, I can’t see them go in 2019 😓

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I believe this is incorrect, according to Wikipedia neither American Airlines or their American Eagle affiliates have a single order for the Embraer E-2 series.

The MD-80s are also mainline aircraft, American would also keep the order on their tab, not their non-mainline affiliates.

Currently mainline American has large orders for the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A321-NEO, these will be the core replacements.

Currently, the E-2 is scheduled to enter service in April of 2018. I would not want to retire over forty aircraft without having orders to replace it, plus, if they did place an order, the 200+ already on Embraer’s lineup will take some time to crunch through.

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I read an article about it yesterday, I’m hoping Boeing makes a new 717 or something because so many airlines are going to be left without aircraft for that class.

Nuuuu! So many amazing planes being retired recently! The Fokker 50 now this

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Not true, while yes, I do agree Boeing and Airbus need to look into the smaller aircraft market. Bombardier and Embraer are covering this market just fine with the Embraer EJet series, now the E2, and Bombardier with the CRJ and the C-Series.

I know they aren’t efficient as others in fuel but I enjoy them. Some of the smoothest and quietest landings have been in an MD80.

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The MD80 is much closer to a 737 than a 717 in terms of pax.

That’s sounds about right, I’m so used to seeing only 717s here in Australia. There are absolutely no MDs whatsoever.

The MD-80 in my opinion is very iconic and unique aircraft. The first time I saw it when I was a child, I absolutely loved it. I would always watch YouTube videos about them and get satisfied of them landing and taking off! Now I am here, right now, watching these planes go. They are a classic and they all have made history!