American Grand Tour.

I did a version of this, except in Europe a couple of weeks ago, it was fun to make, and it was well received here on the forum. So this time I did one for the USA, which I should be better equipped for creating. The itinerary is as follows: To start, we will take off from Boeings Everett facility with the new 787-10. Ad this plane leaves home, it will land in Salt Lake City Utah, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. We can than take a Delta Connection ERJ-170 to visit the Devs in San Francisco. Once our SF trip has concluded it’s another short hop down to LA, on the Citation X, a route I imagine is commonly flown by the 1%. Once in LA, we start out trek east on board the Delta 717. This will take us to the mile high city of Denver, the approach will be beautiful, making our way through snow capped mountains. Next is the historic city of Dallas Texas, the Southwest 737-700, will take us there from Denver. Then it is up to one of America’s busiest airports, and most amazing cities Chicago. We’ll be flying the Star Alliance 757, this route. From Chicago it’s back to south, for some good ol’ country food, and music in Memphis Tennessee, arriving here on the American Airlines A320. After our Southern Culture experience it’s time to head to one of America’s biggest party, and vacation cities; Miami. Using the USCG C-130H to get us there. Once our Coast Gaurd mission is fulfilled in Miami, we then visit the busiest airport in the country and the home of one of the worlds largest airlines, it’s time for Atlanta, via the Delta A319. Once we have finished in Atlanta, it’s time to use hopefully a newly realeased and highly anticipated FedEx DC-10 to take a cargo haul from Atalanta to Cleveland. Once delivered it is time for a short hope back to basics, as the Cessna 172 will take us in the hop over to Buffalo New York from Cleveland, flying over the famous Niagra Falls. It’s then on to the nation’s capital via the JetBlue ERJ-190, after we have cruised over the monuments and seen our share of museums, we make our way up to what some people may call the real capital of the US, NYC, via the FedEx Cessna Caravan. Then to take it the city where it all began is the job of the United Dash 8-Q400. Once in Boston one of the cities tied so closely to American history, we make our final journey of the United 777-200ER, back to San Francisco. If you’ve read so far, I hope enjoyed, and would love to hear feed back! If you fly this “Grand Tour” I really hope you like what I came up with!


Everett-Salt Lake City: (787-10 Boeing)

Salt Lake City-San Francisco (Delta ERJ-170)

San Francisco-Los Angeles (Cessna Citation X)

Los Angeles-Denver (Delta 717-200)

Denver-Dallas (Southwest 737-700)

Dallas-Chicago (Star Alliance 757-200)

Chicago-Memphis (American A320)

Memphis-Miami (USCG C-130H)

Miami-Atlanta (Delta A319)

Atlanta-Cleveland (DC-10 FedEx)

Cleveland-Buffalo (Cessna 172)

Buffalo-Washington D.C (JetBlue ERJ-190)

Washington DC-New York (FedEx Cessna 208)

New York-Boston (United Express Dash 8-Q400)

Boston-San Francisco (United 777-200ER)


Umm, what is this supposed to be?


I think its an itinarary for his voyage after Global is out

Looks Awesome anyway 😊


Thanks for creating original content and putting time and effort into it. We need more quality posts like this. This is great for Global.

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Like your European tour I like this one as well! Good mix of aircraft and liveries!

Question, when planning do you use Flightradar24 or similar to check on real life flights that go between the two airports of your choice and then pick a IF aircraft for that route? That would help add to the realism too!

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Yes, I searched for real flights, however some like the United Express Dash flight is not entirely accurate, as I didn’t want to use the same plane twice.

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A list of flights for global.

Everyone hates KMSP…
Looks like a great route. Have fun flying it!

Sorry what airport is that, all I could find was a news channel for it.

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Minneapolis St. Paul International, it’s actually a really big airport with long runways.

As AirForceProud95 would say:

Blog it


I’m soon to be doing a African type of thing will all African airports. I have it sort of planned but will need global to finalize it.

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You don’t really need global. I suppose you can use SkyVector for the general planning… 😉


Yeah, just too mostly see the terrain and how it turns out…

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