American Freighter B747-100

Would be cool to add

classic Amazing Livery!


Mehhh they would have to add a new aircraft which could delay rework of different aircraft.


never seen the livery before

but its hot


Yeah. Exactly

Oooo! I think any American livery on the 747 would be amazing!

Yes! That livery is nice

It looks like at passenger plane because of all the windows

I would like this later in the game

Bringing this back up! And yes this was a 100% real plane! It would be great to have this in IF.


Yes! Of course it is, I remember in a American Airline’s video a spokemen saying they operated every Boeing aircraft!

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If you knew your comment was off topic, then why did you comment anyways…?

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Because I wanted to make a point, and it isn’t that much of topic, this topic is a livery request and so is mine

Is it not a passenger plane

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Its certainly an interesting livery

Gee you think? It was just his opinion.

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I honestly think it’s a passenger and freighter plane

I wish American flew 747s but the 747s lights retire in the next couple of years

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Good aircraft and livery.

My guess is a conversion of a passenger aircraft. There were 747 combi’s but I don’t recall American owning any.

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They did fly 747-100’s. When the next generation of the 200’s came out they ordered them, but they never used them. What happened was American cancelled their orders but just took the planes. Left them on the ground. Saves more money rather than scrapping them.

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