American flight. KBNA-KLAX-PHNX

  • Any/ American airlines livery:


  • 16:00-BNA Nashville time:

  • Training server:

  • Additional information: The route waypoints will be posted a little under an hour before the flight. contact me in the chat if you want to get a shout-out.

There are ONLY 2 spots for the escorts which will be two A-10’s that will take off with me. Ill be an A-10 during the flight and there will be an A-10 in the back and one in the center ill be in the front and if you want to get pics you will need to get in a GA craft and fly 0,500 feet below us and you can get pics. YouTubers/Streamers are welcomed! Please spread the word around the community, please!

this is the event start time.

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