American Flight from Dallas to Seattle

Hey there guys I did a quick flight from Dallas Ft . Worth to Seattle today.
Flight time: 3hr 58 min
Departure Time: 1:12pm EST 10:12am EST
Arrival Time: 5:00pm EST 2:00pm PST
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Airline: American
And Enjoy y’all!

Inspired by thejazzguy13aviaition YouTuber
Screen Shots!

While on the skylink I spotted @CPT_Timothy_Li

Let’s board shall we?!

Seat 32F in the way back!


Climbing to cruise alt

Time to decend

Let’s land!

Ta-Ta till tomorrow Seattle.

P.S. If you see that the flight was bumpy in the video. Yes it was crazy bumpy!
Hope you guys enjoy!!


Hey! I was flying my teeny tiny Cessna 172, and I saw you as well!

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Hello @RyMan, i see that you were doing a flight from Dallas to Seattle, however, you have the title as Seattle to DFW instead of DFW to SEA. You might wanna modify that. Thank You

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Oh thanks for letting me know!

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Ur welcome @RyMan

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