American Flight 787

American flight 787 was a scheduled passenger flight from LAX to SAN
When it suffered a rudder hardover in flight. The pilots were able to safely land the crippled Dreamliner in Orange County. All 200 passengers and crew members survived the crash…

The aircraft at LAX before the incident

The aircraft parked at Orange County after the emergency landing

The aircraft parked at Orange County after the emergency landing


I don’t think a 787 is supposed to be in Orange County …


I though this was a real plane crash and rushed to change my callsign… Then I saw the Infinite Flight pictures

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They can, the runway supports it, but the length might be a problem.
Long Beach is a much better option. 10000 ft runway 12/30.

I don’t think a 767 was supposed to be and Gimli the day it crash landed on a runway-converted drag strip, but you gotta do what you gotta do in an emergency! 😋
Captain Robert Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal did nothing short of a miracle that day btw…such epic skill.


I don’t think Cactus 1549 was supposed to be in the Hudson …


Hey why did they use the call sign cactus? Cactus in Australia is a slang for broken/ruined…is that why? Or is that just irony rearing its ugly head?

Cactus is US Airways Callsign!

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Uh…I’m pretty sure that when the plane safely lands, the plane didn’t crash.

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Because their main hub was in Phoenix Arizona

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I’ve wondered this myself. I’ve also wondered why South African goes by the callsign Springbok. Time to check Google and finish this once and for all.

@Flightfan84 it is because the South African rugby team is called " South African Springboks" and so their callsign is that.

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What?? Really? I just looked up a Springbok as some kind of leaping gazelle thing. I thought their rugby team was the Kaizer Chiefs but I see now that’s their football team. Very interesting, I usually only get to see the All Blacks on American TV.

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