American Eagle Virtual: Closed For Good


Introducing American Eagle!

After some hard work by our staff, we are excited to announce our new regional virtual airline! Called American Eagle Virtual!

About American Eagle
American Eagle Virtual Airline is a subsidiary of American Airlines Virtual Airline. Owned by @Chris_Hoover and @Bobby. We have the same rules, and operate the same. The only differences are the aircraft we use, the minimum requirements to get in and to rank up, and the routes. Here at American Eagle, we strive to help and train our new recruits (grade 1 and 2 applicants ) to be eligible to fly on the expert server, as well as to meet the professional requirements of the AAV. Since we are a regional carrier, we operate a smaller fleet, but can still offer many destinations!

Check out our website!

Why Choose Us?

We are the Virtual Airline for the less-experienced, or just brand new pilots, wanting to join the AAVA. Like in the real world, all new pilots below grade 3 wanting to join the American Airlines Virtual Airline must go through the American Eagle subsidiary first. At American Eagle, you will learn basic and advanced skills you will need during your employment at the AAVA, as well as gain critical flight hours to rank up in order to transfer to the bigger and more complex, AAVA. If you’re a grade 1 or 2 and still want to fly for Infinite Flight’s most prestigious virtual airlines, then AEVA (American Eagle Virtual Airline) is perfect for you. Not only will you get to fly our modern aircraft on realistic routes, you will also rank up to grade 3 during your stay with us, in order to move on to the AAVA. If you decide that bigger planes and longer routes aren’t your type, you can still stay in the AEVA, moving on to the AAVA is not required, but is still encouraged. Also, if you’re a grade 3 wanting to join the AAVA, then AEVA is perfect for you, too. Since you are already Grade 3 and are most likely experienced, you will find that it will be easier for you to go through our ranks, while also helping some of your less-experienced coworkers. Remember, even if you are grade 3, it is recommended to go through the AEVA first before transferring to the AAVA. This process allows us to ensure that pilots going in to the AAVA are experienced and are ready to fly the bigger aircraft, farther. If we see that you are lacking in some areas, we will help you to get into perfect, AAVA shape.

Our Staff

Owners- @Chris_Hoover and @Bobby

CEO - @Ethan_Lembree23

CFO - @Demeter


CIO - @bobo2345

Managers/Moderators: @Chief305 @Plane_Masta, @Michael_McMurray, @JDupree


Our Ranks
Since we are a regional airline, we have fewer ranks than the AAVA, and less time needed to rank up. Below are our ranks for the AEVA.

First Officer
Aircraft - Embraer E-175 (US AIR)

Routes - All First Officer ranked pilots start off with the E175, and must do a training flight with a staff member before flying it themselves. Grade 3 pilots are not required to do this. First Officers have very short routes, and must pass a test before moving on to the next rank.

Hours - 0-7 hours
After this, the pilots take an exam to ensure that they are ready to move on to the rank of Senior First Officer.

Senior First Officer
Aircraft - E195 (GENERIC) +All Previous Awarded Aircraft

Routes - Senior First Officer pilots will get to do longer routes, but still have short routes. Remember, this is a regional airline, so routes are naturally short!

Hours - 7-14 hours

After this, the pilots take an exam to ensure that they are ready to move on to the rank of Captain.

Aircraft - CRJ Family +All Previous Awarded Aircraft

Routes - Captains can fly all of the routes we have at American Eagle. From extremely short ones to medium-ish ones, they can do it all.

Hours - 14-21 hours
After this, the pilots take an exam to ensure that they are ready to move on to the rank of Senior Captain.

Senior Captain
Aircraft - Airbus A319 (GENERIC) +All Previous Awarded Aircraft

Routes- All routes that American Eagle has to offer!

Hours- 25+

This rank is the highest rank at American Eagle. At this rank you will be prepared to take the test to get into American Virtual. You may not take the test until 10 days have passed since you have reached this rank. More details will be given as you get closer to this rank.


Don’t let the title “regional” fool you. We have over 200 destinations to fly to. You can check them out by going to our AEVA website linked above.


Like any virtual airline, we have requirements that our pilots must meet in order to be accepted into the airline, as well as to stay in the airline. At AEVA, our pilots must:
-Fly at least once a week
-Maintain a level of professionalism
-Be at least 12 years of age
-Have a valid email and community account
-Have access to a slack account
-Have a valid Infinite Flight PRO subscription

Apply Now!
Our application is linked below! Once you fill it out you can expect a response in the next 48 hours! Thanks!



Good to work with you guys! I can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for them :)

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It’s nice seeing some regional VAs being created. Best of luck!

(also, I never realized American Eagle operated a319s. I thought the mainstream AA controlled those)

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They don’t; it will be replaced once the CRJ comes out!


Nice work! I am more than glad to be a part of this team (;!


All grade 1 and 2 pilots who are currently looking for a VA but can’t seem to get in because of the grade 3 Requirements, come join us! We accept all pilots no matter the grade!

Also, our promotion is if you join in the next 2 days you automatically get to fly the E195 which is used at our second rank! Don’t miss out on this promotion!


American Eagle Routes of the Week 2/19 to 2/25


You can earn up to 1.5x the flight time. Just add “Route of the Week” in the remarks section!


Hello everyone.

It is my regret to inform everyone that AEVA is shutting down. The vision we saw in AEVA was not what it is now, and things aren’t just working out. We thank all pilots who were apart of this VA.



Quite sad to see a smaller subsidiary of American Virtual close… Best wishes to the pilots and your team at American Virtual.