American Eagle Soaring From Texas to Colorado

Hope you enjoy photos!
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My first AAVA flight
Route: KDFW - KASE
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Cuise: FL320 @ M.77
Visual Approach

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KASE is in Colorado my guy


Rip imma fix

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Hey, nice shots! Looked like a fun flight! For future reference though, be sure to post a maximum of 10 pictures. I’m sure the mods will let it pass this time, but be sure to watch the limit. :]

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Yes I am very well known of the rules lol I fixed it

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Nice shots, it’s such a fun route @AmericanVirtual


You have no clue how hard I am facepalming right now out of disappointment. None the less, you flew to CO which is something im proud of you for.

This was one of the shortest routes for the plane that for my rank lol

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unpopular opinion: THE AMERICAN EAGLE CRJ’S ARE BEAUTIFUL!! awesome pics !!

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Colorado…you shouldn’t have ☺️

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Gotta love the centennial state!

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Thank you for the kind words