American Eagle in Denver?

For any fellow denverite. You’ll know that American only flies their A321, B738, A320, and if you’re lucky you’ll be there when one of their MD-88s are there. But I’ve never seen an AAL E175 in Denver and yet some of these schedules in July and June are showing them as coming. Does anyone know why this would happen? Why all the sudden are they bringing in their regional jets? Just an aviation curiosity :)


They are probably bringing the smaller jets due to the lower number of people flying out on them. United is probably dominating the routes they are doing because DEN to LAX United fly a 777 twice out of the 7 times they do that route and it’s there main hub pretty much.

They are also doing this on their KDEN - KPHX which I previously thought they dominated. But I guess lack of interest would effectively cause their current aircraft to be too big.

Yea I know Delta pulled out of Sfo to Nrt on the 767 but they were dominating full on that route but i figured United made some deal or something.

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They’ve been operating those routes for quite some time. At least 3 or 4 years. Compass is operating the routes. Nothing new.

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They’ve not been operating hem with E175s lol that’s the point. Or else every single time I come to Denver within the last year I’ve missed them all. And every time I check FR24 every day I just don’t see them.

What have they been using then?

I listed the aircraft they bring into denver:

That’s not Eagle. Eagle and mainline AAL are different so to say. Yes they use AAL in their callsign but they’re different.

It’s like saying United and United Express are the same but they’re not. United contracts out the Express to SkyWest, TransState, etc.

I know lol that’s why I’m saying the E175 with Amercan Eagle 🦅. Because AAL doesn’t fly Eagle into DEN let alone their E175. I just noted it was really interesting.

I saw AA E175s around last summer in DEN?

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Yea the DEN to LAX was done on the A319 until yesterday

Did you? Okay because I’ve never seen any. Interesting. Thanks Ryan. Maybe this is a summer thing.

Wikipedia claims a seasonal to ORD, assuming this is it.

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Interesting. Thanks for the assistance Kevin!

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Maybe in the summer the route is less popular due to warmer temps in Denver but more popular when its colder in Denver. So maybe American Eagle is a seasonal thing but I too have seen them at Denver.

It also makes sense that it’s a route from United hub to United hub, the route is probably dominated by UAL and American is forced to step back during the off season.

Where did you get LAX from? It clearly says Ohare.

I was talking about LAX operating on American Eagle. It shows ORD on American Eagle on a seasonal route. I was saying American Eagle Ive seen american eagle on DEN-LAX before. Of course United dominates that route to Chicago. Sorry for the confusion.

Wikipedia doesn’t show that they fly Eagle to LA.