American Eagle ERJ-175 Landing Miami

Hey everyone! Over spring break I visited Miami and here is the landing footage of my landing. I got to fly on an American Eagle ERJ-175. It was such an awesome flight! I hope you enjoy! :)


Extra points for whoever can guess what runway we landed on! XD

It’s runway 9 :)

Great video! Where were you flying in from?

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This is runway 9. I am more than positive of it (Maybe because I spot often there and watch planes do that approach lol)

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Yeah RWY 9 MIA airport that you guys landed on. I know the whole entire runways at the airport

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@NYFLFlyer22 Dang! Impressive. I was flying in from Key West. :)

@Furwani Great job! You’re lucky to get to spot there!

@Udeme_Ekpo That’s awesome that you know all that!


Ah, beautiful! I haven’t flown between Miami and Key West on AA since they flew ATRs on the route. I’ll be flying into EYW next week, love it there.

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Awesome! It is such an amazing airport to fly to! :)

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One of the greasiest landings I ever saw

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