American Eagle (Envoy Airlines) E-170

Yeah they really that plane but they need those bent winglets

I love these, I see them a lot at KPVD.

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I agree i see tons of them at KPHL

i see some at KDTW a lot

Bump :) This is 100% needed

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Beautiful livery! It fits the E175 well

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Bump! The e-175 is confirmed to be reworked!

Totally need this especially since I want to get hired by envoy and fly their E175 When I’m 21


This needs a little bump. We need the overlord of E175s, the one and only American Eagle.

A little bump! I love American Airlines and American Eagle! Now that the e-jets are confirmed!


I think Americans livery looks best on the E175. Can’t wait for this to be in the game!! (for the E-175)


same here!


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