American Eagle/Envoy Air Reveals Heritage Livery On Embraer 170

Envoy Air has revealed its new American Eagle heritage livery

There it is. After a few leaks, Envoy Air has officially revealed its heritage livery - the “Scissor Eagle” - on one of its upcoming Embraer 170s registered as N760MQ. This is a former British Airways aircraft.

American Eagle actually never wore this livery on the Embraer 170/175s, so it’s rather interesting they chose to put it on this aircraft. But the same goes for most of American Airlines’ other heritage liveries.

The official announcement will come tomorrow and should feature more angles:

What do you all think of this heritage livery?


This is gross. If there’s no metal, dont bother


I’m a huge fan, go Envoy!

Oh my god, It’s so beautiful…

Finally a better quality picture! I’ve been waiting to see this livery for a while!

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What do you mean metal?

he probably means chrome like on AA’s real old liveries.

Ah, guessed that. Not sure AE ever used chrome though

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It has been forever since I have seen this type of livery. It’s beautiful…

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There isn’t metal in the original livery…


I hope someone makes a livery request for this livery, id love this in IF!

well chrome or whatever

for some reason i always thought it was metallic

Absolutely love it 👌


This livery is stunning! ❤️

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This is EPIC! I was waiting for American to release a new heritage livery!

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Envoy, actually.

I’m very excited about this! Can’t wait to see it fly!

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Now this is a good livery, better than the current 2013 one 🤪


I 100% agree! Great to have this livery