American Eagle Embraer ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200LR)


Seating is the really only major difference to my knowledge.


This is a cool livery👌


Love the winglets on the ERJ 175LR :)


But they need to rework the plane first


This would be a great livery to have when Global comes out. Frequently I see these planes being operated as short hops from LGA to DCA and BOS numerous times daily.


But how you enjoy and flight when the cockpit look like hall


I agree on that, the AA livery is great on this.


Yes make this a livery I voted for this… American Eagle+ Infinite Flight Global= amazingness
It would be easy to do like a realistic route on global KBOI-KORD would be fun


This is a pretty plane…


I want this plane so bad.


ERJ145 would also be nice to have! Especially in the american eagle livery!


Sorry about the bumping,

But we need to get this added into IF! Its such a great livery on an aircraft that doesn’t get used much (For its lack of liveries)

Lets get this added! :)

You got a vote from me btw.


These little things always come to La Guardia. Anything that flies in and out of JFK and LGA, I’d love to see.


They neeed to rework the erj. I love this aircraft