American Eagle Embraer ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200LR)

© Michael Barker

I would love to fly this sweet livery in IF :-)
Do you like it too?


Well we need more liveries in the ERJ…so I support this topic!


Not bad. The name makes me think of the 777-200LR XD. Are those thrust reversers active in-air? actually not but looks like it OMG . And as @CopaAirlines said, We need more ERJ liveries. But this is also requesting a new plane because the ERJ-175 that is in-game is the -200 or -100 (I think) but this is the -200 LR


no thats just the shadow from the engine panel


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Yes, yes and yes again.
We need more liveries for the lovely E-Jets <3


I flew on one of those!!
I went form KDCA to KJFK.
An absolute beauty of a plane!

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Great regional airline!

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united flies the 5 hour STL-SFO on these things. they hold the record for longest flight in a RJ


Totally agree with you @BavariaAVIATION @CopaAirlines. I really hope to fly this in IF in the future.

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Well i got fooled by what i thought to be reverse thrusters

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i cant open a new topic just yet. This was the most recent 170 thread I could find.

Does anyone still fly the 170?

Quite a few.

Okay. Sorry I should have clarified.

Do any of you still fly around the 175 in IF?

I don´t own it since I don´t have any stall speed or way to determine the flap speed schedule.
Ask around on the forum.

I am a Captain on the 170/175.

I am in the process of putting together a PDF file or a bunch of screen shots with everything for the 170/175. If there are more people interested.


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Love this livery a lot of routes can be flow with it when global comes out so I massively support this feature.


Totally true ;)
Global will be a great combination with it :)

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Why are people always referring to ERJ175 and ERJ170 as the same plane? I always thought they are 2 totally different planes

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This is very needed for a future ERJ renovation.

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