American Eagle Embraer E-170


I’ll love this to features for you;)

Lookin very nice.

One if it gets a redo.

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Go Leicester! :D

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It looks so awesome <3

I think this livery looks great. It would be nice to have an American Eagle livery in infinite flight.

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Right whilst I definitely support what you say :), Did you post it in this topic by mistake?

His profile picture.

Very nice!

Yes, so we can finally utilize American Eagle’s terminal parking at KLAX!


Terminal 4, along American Airlines :)

No, they have a different one.,-118.3941112,265a,20y,41.72t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2b0d213b24fb5:0x77a87b57698badf1


I was referring to their “Remote Terminal” that exists east of Terminal 7 and 8. :)

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