American Eagle E175


Thank you for this picture!

Why we need this in infinite flight.

It will bring us many flights to do and also for the E175 it will get a new livery that is cool to go with the American Airlines livery’s.

I hope you guys can make this happen by voting and as always let’s get it E-JET fans!

I also searched and didn’t find any topics so if I missed one I’m sorry and you can correct me.


How hard did you search? Just kidding, lol. Be sure to check out the topic below!

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I see ok thank you Z-Tube.

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I searched and it did take some excruciating effort scrolling down about 10 posts.

Also, I hate to hop onboard the bandwagon, but don’t forget to give credit to the owner of the photo in the future.


No worries! It was a bit far down. Just be sure to look a little more. Have a great night!

Oh sorry.

You too!