American Eagle E175 (Enhanced Wingtips)

Hey y’all!

Since the E175 and E190 are confirmed to be reworked, I began searching for the liveries that I want on the new aircraft. I was bamboozled to find that this livery has no request for it.

I think this would be an awesome addition because American Eagle is one of the largest operators of the E175, operating flights all over the United States and Mexico with it.

Here’s what the beautiful bird looks like live and in person

Don’t forget to vote!

Have a good day!

adjusted the title to be a bit more accurate. 🙂


Thank you for the fix! 👍

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I would love to see the enhanced winglets! They look so good on the E175. +1 vote!

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Thanks! It does look so good with those winglets.

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Oh look u agree lol

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Mini-mod repellant

I don’t need to vote for my own request because mods have said it’s not needed; they said the topic is a vote in itself


Just look at it 🔥

That’s a pretty cool feature request. Love the
e n h a n c e d wingtips.

You should also vote for your own requests!

Fire incoming.


dunno what american ppl eat these days, but its certainly not good 🙄

apparently brits as well


I also think the new enhanced wingtips look good on the 175.

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I’d like to see this!

The enhanced wingtips fit the aircraft much better than the older ones, in my opinion. They’re beautiful

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I 100% agree. I would really love to see American Eagle with the E175 in Infinite Flight!!

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This has me support out of votes I used my last one on Alaska e175 veteran plane

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I’ll forgive you xD

Imma go vote for that one too even though I’m not a big fan of Alaska Airlines anymore

I really support it😃. But at the moment I have no votes available.😅

when u used to be Alaska096

Ah yes I remember that.

Might go back to that name but it would be representing the place instead of the airline

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