American Eagle Dash 8-300

Another Dash-8 livery suggestion:

The American Eagle livery for the Dash-8 would also be really cool.

Photo still not mine


Anyway, a must have!


Which routes does it operate in RWA?

Anyway a great livery :D

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Mainly short domestic hops from CLT and PHL mainly to small cities in the Northeast USA.

CLT-ROA comes to mind. I think they use them for CLT-HHD (Whatever Hilton Head’s abbreviation is) among others.

In the Summer 2015, they had one daily roundtrip PHL-LGA-PHL using a Dash 8-100.

There used to be a base of Dash 8s at LGA if you go back in the planes’ lineage to US Airways and want to re-enact those. They’d park the planes on an open ramp space right by the parking lot and you could see them from the highway.


Piedmont Airlines! We have a bunch of those fly out of CLT, that would be amazing to have as a feature!


I always enjoy the views between ROA and CLT from the Dash 8’s. If they expanded the CLT map to include ROA it would be awesome to have these small regional flights :)

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Bringing this back up… Great livery for all the American regions!


If you have important information to add you can bump it up, not just because.

Sorry. Although, I did want to add my support because short-hops (in SoCal for example) will be great with an American Eagle Q400. But I get your point :)

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It just gets a little annoying when livery threads are bumped ;) it’s fine, now you know!

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This and the Q-400 fly to my local regional airport from CLT so I’d love this livery on both :)

yes a common sighting at KCLT

Love it like the AA liverys

Terminal F is dominated by the Q300 at PHL (along with the CRJ200). I would love to fly this into PHL.

Looks so good

Cool lookin’ livery

I hope this livery would be added in the near future, for especially global.

Yes!!! We REQUIRE this!! I want this SOOO bad!!

This plane looks great! Should be added.